GOTTA SEE IT: Kevin Durant Helped Off Floor After Apparent Leg Injury

GOTTA SEE IT: Kevin Durant Helped Off Floor After Apparent Leg Injury

Kevin Durant had to be helped off the floor after he injured himself planting his foot down awkwardly and couldn’t put any weight on his leg afterwards.

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62 Responses

  1. Frank King says:

    It’s been an Achilles injury all along. They been lying to us. KD held his Achilles not his calf

    • Jc says:

      @Nick 2324 be an adult. You can make your case without name calling.

    • Yes says:

      @Nick 2324 achillies is connected to the soleus which is connected to the gastrocnemius… I’m pretty sure at least. And this is coming from a strength coach. Judging by the shoes he wears, he has unconditioned Achilles and ankle support which will bother everything upstream. It is his achillies and putting more pressure on it will rupture it eventually.

    • Victor Freeman says:

      @Bryan Halstead don’t need an MD to concur with Frank King. The injury involved the achilles all along. Take a look at Durant’s reaction to first injury. Classic achilles injury. Calf strain diagnosis was misleading.

    • Nevada Cece says:

      The Achilles connects the calf to the ankle whicg means a valf injury could very likely lead to an Achilles injury and that’s what happened. Warrios staff messed up big time

    • kingrobinho777 says:


  2. MattBroncos 97 says:

    I’m not a raps fan but loved it when Lowry was calming the fans down shows respect

  3. Alex Hutcheson says:

    Wow… pressured back onto the floor too early. That’s awful. Completely resets the clock on his recovery time

    • Matt Wilkie says:

      KD was back because he wanted to be, and the docs cleared him. No one pressured him. It’s the dam finals and his team was struggling. Of course he wants to be out there

    • Hepatitis C Ya Later says:

      @Pissed Bob Ross You realize this can take away years of his prime, money in free agency, and make him decline. This was bound to happen. I watched the whole game it was amazing that he made shots and had 11 but dude couldn’t even run and siakam blew right past him. He wasn’t right and warriors staff knew he shouldn’t have been playing.

    • Adam Trotter says:

      GH1618 if it’s a calf no biggie. Achilles takes 6 months minimum to return to play and maybe more given this is pro basketball and there’s a ton of stress on it game to game.

    • kingrobinho777 says:

      He tore his achilles

    • justhateme israel says:

      It’s the right calf/achilles. Don’t worry. Yes it sucks. But that’s not his main takeoff/landing foot. He’ll recover. Will not be as good as before but again it’s not his main takeoff/landing foot.

  4. Mitch91PyroisB0SS says:

    Management pressured him into playing… what a joke

  5. Miguel Torres says:

    The mothafkr SAS Smith wanna see KD play, dont hide it, that was pressure means to play. Now what you have to said about it.

  6. Thomas Wu says:

    Feels bad the man was balling. Ya honestly hate to see it…

  7. canadianuserthe says:

    What a foolish decision to play him. Hopefully Durant’s Achilles is still intact

  8. YXNG MANNY says:

    not a warriors fan but hopefully prime durant doesnt go cause of this injury

  9. Ben Mercer says:

    Sucks when players get injured. Fans want to see teams fully healthy, competing at their best. This finals has had too many injuries. Durant should not have played this game, it wasn’t worth the risk. Hopefully he can heal up and be ready for next year, wherever he ends up.

  10. Charlene Penetrante says:

    The Respect from Kyle, Danny and Ibaka turning down the Toronto Fans

  11. Ryan Hamilton says:

    Good sportmenship by Lowry !

  12. Tarcisio Dutra says:

    Achilles. Official information on Twitter. Damn! Damn! Damn!

  13. alshorty85 says:

    They finally admit the truth about his injury. Much respect for Durant.

  14. iG3ntl3man says:

    Yea he should’ve just played catch n shoot tonight it was way too early

  15. Pitch Arunsuwannakorn says:

    My respect to Lowry, Green and Ibaka for asking the fans to not cheer. Never cheer for a player getting injured

    • Wilson Noah says:

      ray I don’t know why people say that because they really aren’t

    • AmarNathan says:

      No they didn’t. The play was on fast break and steal. It was about the game. They didn’t realize KD got hurt. I don’t think they were cheering cause he got hurt and they all clapped for him when he was leaving.

    • Mr. Eli says:

      I’m surprised at the respect from Green, him and and Durant are not exactly buddy buddy, but if you’re on a team, you stick up for one another.

    • Mr. Eli says:

      @Cincinnati Daddy I wish you understood the pain of an injury, having kds injury you would’ve been crying even if it was a bit small.

    • Mr. Eli says:

      @WillJay they were cheering at the injury

  16. Oliver Palafox says:

    everybody wanted him to play now there you go

  17. barry visperas says:

    LOWRY, IBAKA, D.GREEN, SIAKAM for asking the fans Never cheer for a player getting injured…CALM DOWN YOU GUYS!!!

  18. Foxathy says:

    _Came back too early, he wasn’t ready._

  19. Rodney Lewis says:

    Hope that man comes back stronger than ever, very talented player

  20. Not Bill Gates says:

    Respect to Lowry and Ibaka, Raptors fans that was Savage. KD you the man, get well brother!!!!

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