Grade 6 Teacher Trolls Students After Banning Bottle Flipping for a Year

Grade 6 Teacher Trolls Students After Banning Bottle Flipping for a Year

On December 6, 2016, Mr. Marshall officially banned bottle flipping in class 6A. On December 7, he started making this video. On June 29, 2017, he showed it to his students…


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20 Responses

  1. Dragon Spirit says:

    You lied to me and my class

  2. Grace Jacobs says:

    Ps this is Lydia

  3. zmunk says:

    no double flip? im almost disappointed…

  4. JB says:

    learn to hold a phone horizontally when you film

  5. stradus says:

    no student reaction? no pay off!

  6. tsngreen says:

    Macklemore releasing 2 videos in one week? Crazy.

  7. Monostripe Zebra says:

    total proof that teachers have too much time on their hands. period.

  8. Ian MacAllen says:

    Maybe next year you can practice shooting horizontal video.

  9. Ryan Kinder says:

    The cat at the end has a dislocated jaw. There’s a fun fact.

  10. Clem Fandango says:

    this is cool and all but I actually got expelled because this fuck reported me for disobedience after I flipped the bottle 3 weeks after he banned it. I forgot and made one little mistake and now I have to go to a last chance school for juvenile delinquents.

  11. SmarterEveryDay says:

    Epic teacher is epic

  12. J.D. Smithersonstinferter says:

    This video kinda goes to show that there is absolutely nothing impressive about this whole bottle flipping thing.

  13. sixzerodriver says:

    this is your new generation of educators folks.

  14. Peter Cary says:

    This is amazing. I’m a journalist at the Press Association in London – are you free to chat about making this video? Please let me know at Thanks!

  15. Marcos Amparo says:

    I guess you’re the flipping king

  16. Abe But says:

    certified reddit user here

    gotta admit nice use of memes in this videos

  17. Greg Hammack says:

    That’s so 2016

  18. Aquatic Plant Savage says:

    I am one of your students and I feel like I’ve been psychologically abused.

  19. tallasianchick says:

    He learned to master bottle flipping AND he’s hot?! What’s next? He gets Trump impeached, that’s what.

  20. David DaVenus says:

    Nice teacher. I had this one teacher in high school that would yell at us and sit down to look at breasts on his computer to relax. This is a better way for a teacher to handle annoying students.

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