Grand Theft Auto V – Introducing the Rockstar Editor

Grand Theft Auto V – Introducing the Rockstar Editor

Presenting the Rockstar Editor – a special feature in Grand Theft Auto V for PC that allows players to record, edit, and share videos created from footage in both Story Mode and GTA Online.

Watch today’s video “Introducing the Rockstar Editor” for an overview of just some of the features of this powerful video creation tool including special camera modes, filters, depth of field and audio customization options – as well as the unique Director Mode feature that allows you to stage creative movie-making sequences from a cast of characters ranging from familiar faces from Story Mode, to pedestrians and even animals. You’ll be able to upload your finished masterpiece to YouTube and to the Rockstar Games Social Club to share with friends.

The Rockstar Editor will be available for use in GTAV PC when the game is released tomorrow April 14th.

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20 Responses

  1. Olle Forsberg says:

    There are gonna be sooooooo many great movies coming from this!

  2. designbuyers says:

    Great, Rockstar Rocks Again :)

  3. word2squared says:

    impressive but a F1 Sports car would be better

  4. Mahmood Muhenned says:

    Okay nice but i still love play it on xbox
    It’s cheaper and more comfortable than pc

  5. ZXD-Gamerz says:

    If we bought this through Steam, Will the Mods be on the Workshop? Or do we
    have to locate files?

  6. humToNoise says:

    This whole comments section is a shit-storm of console buyers regret. It’s
    fucking delicious :D

  7. IM BATMAN says:

    Current-gent should get that too, pc players is getting this game just for
    the mods!

  8. blazingfire300 says:

    can i run this at 4k? 60fps
    Monitor: a Microwave
    Cpu: a Wired Potato with intel core i9 5.20Ghz
    Ram: a 12gb rusty disket DDR4 15000mhz
    Gpu: Casio Graphics 5700 HD
    PSU: a watermelon
    Motherboard: a piece of cardboard that I found out there DDR5 OC
    oh btw i made this awesome build settings and fps please :D?

  9. IDGAF says:

    What about all the other consoles

  10. Simon Gerg says:

    This is literally the software I’ve been looking for all my life xD Thank
    you so much

  11. Falcon Lover says:

    *What if you have an Elgato Game Capture?*

    *This is pointless, right?*

  12. Indraroh says:


  13. Space Marine says:

    It’s hilarious seeing pc cucks chanting on how they have GTA 5 even though
    it was released 2 years ago.

  14. Zaydin says:

    Just about an hour and ten minutes to go for release.

  15. Josey Anomalous says:

    Alright now I can make a Trevor suicide compilation.

  16. Bullet Tooth Tony says:

    Why are they giving pc players anything extra? They’re just gonna steal the
    game off the internet. 

  17. Chie Satonaka says:

    Welcome to Los Santos PC players, I hope you have as much fun as us console
    players did

  18. dylan8banana says:


  19. yves janssen says:

    Just half a year ago everybody was making fun of PC players, due to the
    delayed release. Now everybody is shitting his pants because of the
    awesomeness of GTA 5 for PC. Everything i can say is, fuck you console
    players! (only to the ones that where behaving like a dick)

  20. ThatGuyThor says:

    What the f*** is this? I thought GTA 6 was coming out?