Green Day – Bang Bang (Official Lyric Video)

Green Day – Bang Bang (Official Lyric Video)

“Bang Bang’ – the NEW Song from Green Day from the upcoming album ‘Revolution Radio’ available October 7th. Pre-Order now at

Directed By: BlinkMyBrain

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20 Responses

  1. FlTlLe 0 says:

    Good song

  2. dingwon says:

    The lyrics are such a discordant mess I love it

  3. ToddIsMyName :D says:

    It is officially 2001 guys

  4. Water Damaged Textbook says:

    Punk is making a bit of a comeback and I like it.

  5. Axel yangali says:

    Great Big Song Green Day Star Rock For ever 

  6. Ed N says:

    The nostalgia…

  7. Brian Davis says:

    i think this is my ne favorite song PUNK FOR EVER!!!!!

  8. Connor Brinley says:

    This is my fav song to listen to when shooting up schools

  9. HisMonkeyBusiness says:

    I really hope this bad boy does well on the charts because it FREAKIN’

  10. ARGameStrike says:

    billie joe with a SG : o

  11. Megan Donnelly says:

    Hopefully this means tour

  12. Arabella Marshall says:

    Green day really made my day woke up this music and I know I can do

  13. ViralGameover says:

    Is there an agreed u

  14. Marko Velimirovic says:

    they are saving 2016

  15. Mateus Ferrucio says:

    Another Clinton as president, Green day and Blink182 are playing.
    Everyone’s playing pokemon, boys I think we traveled back in time….

  16. hunter bob says:

    New album soon?

  17. Brett McCormack says:

    Still sounds like the exact same crap.

  18. Scott K says:

    Basically St. Jimmy rehashed, nothing original or exciting meh

  19. Feisty kitten❤? :3 says:

    I have a question. What do people have against shitty emo kids?? ( I don’t
    consider myself one, I just like listening to this kind of music…)
    yeah…just an innocent question

  20. J0KERHAHAHAHA says:

    Trying to understand the point of this song, what’s war got to do with
    being a celebrity on TV?