Green Day – Troubled Times (Official Lyric Video)

Green Day – Troubled Times (Official Lyric Video)

Official Lyric Video for “Troubled Times” from the new album ‘Revolution Radio.’

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Direction / Script / Design / Art / Animation/ FX: Manu Viqueira

Original Typography / Design / Art: David Rodriguez Simón

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20 Responses

  1. Lit Af says:

    So, this was just an anti-Trump lyric video? I’m not a big fan of Trump
    myself but this is too far.

  2. Leo says:

    No Trump, no kkk, no fascist USA

  3. Zephyr Drew {Tsundere Queen} says:

    This video being released on Martin Luther King Jr. Day can’t be

  4. twenty øne blurryfaces says:

    Me: *is doing her homework*
    Green day: Troubled Times official lyric video

  5. Joseph Daniel Benny Hinn says:


  6. zhahrinaldy aufarihaydan says:

    “stop racism ,islamphobia and wars” i’m almost cry… because im a muslim

  7. Wallace McGudis says:

    Here come the butthurt Trump supporters.

  8. Nightli says:

    love green day but its annoying to see them bashing trump 24/7

  9. Gabriel Gianni says:

    “Stop Islamophobia”

    Stop bombing people how ’bout that ?

  10. Lukas Morian says:

    All prepare for the Trump supporter-rage

  11. Trash Panda says:

    troubled times is when your presidential candidate lost why do celebrity
    have to be such pussys.

  12. Danny Boi says:

    I like the anti racism and anti trump message but islamophobia is rational
    remember islam is the ideology, muslims are very nice people but their
    religion is just wrong

  13. blueroman55 says:

    this was really good and showed the problems of the world and how we have
    race proublums in the us (espically with our new presedent) wars in the
    middle east and how evryone needs to wake up to these problem s and be more
    kind to each other.

  14. Amet45 says:

    is there anything worse than 50 year old men acting like 14 year old
    chindren? jesus fuck so much cringe

  15. AugustusPugin says:

    Why is this band so anti-white?

  16. Alix says:

    ooooh boy *looks at comments to see triggered alt righters and nazis* 10/10
    song as usual

  17. Colonel ACE says:

    “Don’t wanna be an American idiot,
    One nation controlled by the media”

    Maybe someone should go back and listen to their own songs.
    Since when does a punk band choose political sides?

  18. TCØSPC says:

    Fun fact: I’m wearing no socks.

  19. Zetrex says:

    hate to break it to you fuckhrads but green day has been making this
    political stuff since fucking american idiot

  20. mortifide says:

    there are too many triggered snowflakes in the comments section .. don’t
    like green day? don’t like the song? don’t like the fact they included your
    fascist leader in the video? then don’t fucking watch it.