Grimes – Flesh without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream

Grimes – Flesh without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream

From the new album ‘Art Angels’ out November 6th and available for pre-order:

Directed by Grimes

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20 Responses

  1. Dianna Ws says:


  2. sondoro says:

    I love this

  3. Martín Rojas Dall´Orso says:

    Long live the queen <3

  4. Elfen Ignis says:

    That got really dark, and kind of creepy…..I Love It!

  5. Marco Lima says:

    just keep doing what your doing its a class act and a work of art.

  6. Jackson Wooten says:

    Love it!

  7. Mateusz Siwiak says:

    2 hours right now, I listen this for 2 hours T_T

  8. Daniela Calderon says:


  9. LionelWitchieWardrob says:

    Nope. Old Grimes was good. This is too poppy. Sounds real bad

  10. marco herrera says:

    dress weird and keep the background low budget = Grimes music video

  11. MrFamemonster123 says:

    This MASTERPIECE Has me crying, dying, and dancing wtf!!! SO DAMN GOOD

  12. SODA lite says:


  13. Catalina Chavez says:


  14. UnderRottingSky says:

    I watched it till the end and my dick is still limp. Fail! I hope you all
    get a unicorns horn up the ass!!!!

  15. mrminoumichel says:

    the reason why i prefer the old album is because she was the best in what
    she was doing because it was unique and really personnal. My point of view
    is that she’s now compete in a world that disadventage her because we can
    compare her work to all the mainstream pop stars and she’s not the best
    anymore. She’s new in a universe where she has everything to learn

  16. Natália Pradella says:

    YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS GIRRRRRRLLLLLL~~ O/ omg i’m so happy to see u back!I
    love the song and the video!! ?????

  17. Sexual Potatoes says:

    This reminds me of Avril Lavigne in some weird way.
    Don’t know how I feel about it.

  18. Jordan Jones says:

    Its like pop that isn’t generic and boring..

  19. Reggie-a says:

    For real though Realiti was fucking sensational for me, it was like the
    style she pulled off so well with new ideas and a cleaner production. This
    just felt so forgettable, I JUST got done watching it and the only thing I
    remember about the song was the video. Something’s wrong here. That’s not
    to say I don’t love Grimes, I think she’s a very talented artist, I just
    don’t like the direction she’s going

  20. Ermac. says:

    “It’s nice that you say you like, but only conditionally”…. That’s all,
    people evolves and experiment, accept it or go to listen Visions and
    Halfaxa and be happy, I’m glad she’s back with new music.