GTA 5 Online – NEW LOS SANTOS TUNERS Update – New Cars, Garage, Meet, Missions & MORE!

GTA 5 Online – NEW LOS SANTOS TUNERS Update – New Cars, Garage, Meet, Missions & MORE!

NEW to GTA Online is the Tuners update! This video shows the intro, new garage, meet area and more!
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43 Responses

  1. Robbie Coutts says:

    Been waiting for this vid

  2. shriram._ says:

    R* still hyping up folk after almost 10yrs of release

    • shriram._ says:

      @Ali fr they dedicate their souls into it
      Sometimes when I play rdr2 I just sit there like goddamn man

    • Ali says:

      @shriram._ yeah they should get a award

    • Veloxy says:

      @shriram._ Exactly, now imagine if they gave the attention rdr2 deserves. Rockstar’s games are masterpieces man. I still can’t believe how fucking beautiful rdr2 looks on fucking consoles. Rockstar was one of the only Devs to actually push and make ps4, xbox one consoles games at their full potential accounting for the consoles limitation.

      That’s just incredible..

    • Brandon Thomas says:

      @TehSamuraiGaming they would never put it to pc only they would lose way to much money they would lose money from Microsoft and Sony and lose money from Xbox and PlayStation players who buy the game and shark cards. And when you look at gta online always releases on console first then like half a year later goes to pc. Also paying to play online doesn’t really affect rockstar in any way. Plus with gta online been free to play on Ps5 for the first 3 months PlayStation players won’t have to pay to play GTA online.

    • Zeldafreak says:

      @mouad talbi I’d never own an Xbox again passed experiences I’ll keep my ps5

  3. Fitment Industries says:


  4. MSA 0506 says:

    0:38 hao actually said his storymode line

  5. Isaías González says:

    You can see in Theo’s face that he woke up early for this, ngl. Me too😂👏

  6. Nuwa777 says:

    Finally, a car meet where no gun shooting and oppressor

  7. derobotlab says:

    Theo’s avatar: *wears a thick winter jacket in a hot smoking parking lot

  8. Erick Medina says:

    So crazy how your character never says nothing lol.

  9. Slend3rmanGaming says:

    16:34 well…
    They shouldn’t be. It’s rated M after all

  10. SAINT BRO says:

    16:32 well the game ain’t made for kids in the first place 💀🤣

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