Guess Along with Ellen and tWitch: Who Is ‘The Masked Dancer’?

Guess Along with Ellen and tWitch: Who Is ‘The Masked Dancer’?

Noting the success of new hit show “The Masked Singer,” Ellen introduced a hilarious, brand new game called “The Masked Dancer” – and they’re going to keep playing it until the FOX lawyers stop them.


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49 Responses

  1. AFedder 1 says:

    Hi Ellen I’m such a big fan

  2. Iconic says:

    Omg the dance tho i’m QUAKING

  3. Bob Huy says:

    This is so funny!!

  4. Cecilia N says:

    if I am not mistaken in korea they have this concept with the mask on singers for years but I can’t remember the name

    • Yun Himekawa says:

      Yeah in Korea it’s called King of Masked Singer

    • Shiella Macalino says:

      Cecilia N yes Ryan Reynolds promoted Deadpool in that korean show

    • علي التميمي says:


    • 제정은 says:

      Yep. The Korean title is 복면가왕(Bokmyeon Gawang).

      (Spoiler alert)
      Ken Jeong was a surprise guest on today’s episode(Jan 13, 2019)! He wore a Golden Pig mask, because 2019 is the year of the pig according to the Chinese zodiac(Koreans also use the zodiac table to calculate ages), and sang Radiohead’s Creep. He was not among the weekly 8 official contestants, only a special masked guest, and explained a few things about the American spinoff.

  5. Aji Ceesay says:

    Wasn’t Jungkook on the Masked Singer in Korea?

  6. Shina Corns says:

    Here before she disables the comments!

  7. Timmy Tattari says:

    I’ve been sick and watching Ellen show ALL DAY ??

  8. yossi Cohen says:

    Well its 2019 you dont have to like it but you still looked?

  9. Benni Rivers says:

    The Masked Dancer should be a show hosted by Twitch! Who’s with me!

  10. Jennifer Johnson says:

    I was laughing so hard ?. “American Idol on muchrooms” wow! Twitch looked like he was going to pass put from laughing so hard!!

  11. janiemarie30 says:

    I was thinking between him and Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family

  12. Xoaquín Nava says:

    Was thinking either Sean Hayes or Craig Ferguson. Fun stuff.

  13. jaystacular says:

    This is way better! The guessing is funnier and they don’t take a trillion years to take the mask off?

  14. MusicBankTv says:

    Watching from Nairobi KENYA

  15. Elite_Tony says:

    Who else was really curious to find out who he was?

  16. DLionheart says:

    This segment made me laugh SOOOOOO hard that I had tears falling down my face!!! He was soooo funny re asking ya’ll to speed it up because he was hot in that getup! ‘Just as funny watching it again, thanks!!! ‘WAY too funny!!! =D

  17. Kt Cluff says:

    This needs to be a regular segment in the show! I was hilarious awesome!

  18. Meta4z Official says:

    When he started talking about how hot it was in the suit I knew it was him. He is awesome at comedic timing and stretching a joke out perfectly. Sean Hayes cracks me up

  19. Andrea S says:

    This needs to be every week lol

  20. xXPopsicle SticksXx says:

    *Furries have left the chat*

    If you’re a furry, please don’t take offence to this.

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