Gun Violence Makes Us Feel Powerless, But We’re Not

Gun Violence Makes Us Feel Powerless, But We’re Not

Stephen expresses his feelings on the most useful emotional response to the mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

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20 Responses

  1. Correctitudable says:

    To all the people talking about stricter gun laws, you’re being irrational. News flash- the people who want to break the law by murdering a bunch of people won’t be dissuaded by more restrictions. They just go to the black market. They break the law!

  2. Kennan Grissom says:

    the man who stopped the shooter was a citizen with an ar15. risked his own life to save people, which he did. no gun owner or supporter of the second amendment wants this to happen. the point is citizen heros stop violence every day with their own firearms. this is a tragic event, but to say theres no reason for an individual to own a gun is simply rediculous

  3. Elizabeth Ashurst says:

    I think there was a shooting in Texas back in 1980 where 8 people died. I haven’t seen anyone mention it yet. :/

  4. Ismael Arlen Reyes says:

    People will get guns illegal just like drugs. It’s something hard to stop, not something you can solve in months or years. It’s just not going to happen. We might reduce a lot of them but we just need 1 crazy guy to kill hundreds or more innocent people. =(

  5. Jay says:

    he talks like a bitch

  6. Kenny Martin says:

    Dear Republicans,
    Fine, lets have it your way, this isn’t about guns, its about mental health. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!
    I am so sick of these moronic senators, congressmen and NRA reps screaming about “Mah’ Gunz!!” like entitled little shits and deflecting the conversation to mental health without doing a thing. If you people actually believe that mental health is the core of the issue, then do something about it. Create programs that support and help these people. Put funding toward research and treatment. Put your money where your mouth is, stop using mental health as a scapegoat. Stop using it as a means to do nothing about the problem.

  7. TwiFiveGirls101 says:

    Steven Crowder interviewed the man who shot and chased the killer but YouTube still refuses to put that on ‘TRENDING’. Instead they place the usual corprate names and content. If you wanna know what ture hero thinks and did go watch that interview.

  8. Alabama SkyWatcher says:

    Unless you own the world’s only time machine and go back and kill all the gunsmith pioneers then we are stuck with guns. Banning them at this point will only take them away from the law abiding citizens and leave them defenseless against thugs and criminals because they will still have theirs.

  9. Lugmillord says:

    So another white guy has commited a mass shooting. Fox will probably repeat the “we should not politicize this. This is not the time to talk about gun control”, since it’s not a Muslim. There will never be a time to talk about gun control it seems. America, get your shit together. Gun control leads to more safety.

  10. Rebecca Parr says:

    I am not powerless – I can protect myself with a weapon. One good man with a gun stopped an evil man with a gun. So, someone did do something. Our culture promotes evil and violence. Look at TV, Movies, Internet in general. The city in our country with the strictest gun laws – Chicago, has the worst murder rates. Gun control DOESN”T WORK. I will vote for the politician who protects my rights, not one who brings more tyranny! The Air Force made a mistake by not having the TX shooters name on the list which would have prevented him from buying a gun, since he was dishonorable discharged and had a record. One again, Colbert is misguided.

  11. TransgenderedMailbox β€’ says:

    GREAT! Now all we need is Jimmy Kimmel to do the same πŸ‘

  12. Steve Smith says:

    Lmao so many butt hurt liberals. Go cry in your bitch safe space about other people having guns. Fucking pussies this is why the democrats lost

  13. Yasaal Abrar says:

    It is time to stop praying and start getting things done. “Heartfelt condolences” times are over.

  14. Luke Allison says:

    Colbert mentions a gun that kills 10,000 a year and why it can’t be banned? Surely he doesn’t mean an AR-15 which kills about 300 a year. Does he mean a pistol? Those kill about 10,000 a year including Suicide, killing threatening criminals, and it also includes the ILLEGALLY obtained weapons in Chicago and LA gangs.

  15. Mr Lewis says:

    Hey Colbert… go to hell. From one Catholic to another, using this as a means to promote a 2018 agenda is just pathetic. Democrat swine through and through. PS I like the gun laws just as they are.

  16. F0wlPlay says:

    I’d vote for him.

  17. Themixters Onz says:

    419 410 1413 call my friend he doesn’t know its on here

  18. Jim Slav says:

    In 2012, Devin Patrick Kelly was court-martialed for an assault on his wife and child and spent a year in prison. Just 4 years later in April 2016, he was sold the murder weapon, a Ruger assault rife, from an Academy Sports & Outdoors store. This is after indicating he had no criminal history. *Just as responsible as Kelly is The National Rifle Association who fight continually against such background checks, and the Academy store that obviously botched it.*

  19. teamhex says:

    “Gun Violence Makes Us Feel Powerless, But We’re Not”
    Yes you are. If someone has the will to do harm and you aren’t capable of stopping them….you are powerless. You cannot predict when someone will go nuts and more laws won’t help because these people don’t follow laws. They also break even worse laws(you know…mass murder). Sorry, but it’s just not in your power. This is something people need to understand. Remove suicides and gang activity from the gun death numbers and it’s super small compared to 330million. Cost of freedom…sorry, but that’s life. This isn’t a movie.

  20. Gibsonman2005 says:

    You can’t legislate evil. Blame the guy that did the crime. Blame the people who failed to put him on the restricted list. Blaming a tool simple makes you a foolish tool.

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