Guys Try Long Hair For A Week

Guys Try Long Hair For A Week

“I look like a very disappointing geisha…”

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Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

SFX provided by Audioblocks. 

Made by BFMP
Wigs by:
Byron Batista
Twitter: @BitchyDiva66


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20 Responses

  1. Ciaran Harvey says:

    The dude looks like a laaayyydaaaayy

  2. Starr Portman says:

    The jesus guy can get it any day in that wig

  3. Julia Fer says:

    Vai Safadão!

  4. Maxpdl says:

    Jesus has arrived.

  5. Olivia Duarte says:

    jesus guy looks like jared leto

  6. Camel Cat says:

    omg ive always wanted this video

  7. Sadiya Anees says:

    How did they shower

  8. Alexis Stallings says:


  9. Bradlyanne Tejeda says:

    All of them looks damn hot with long hair! Maybe its because I love long
    hair in men. :’V

  10. Natalia Páli says:

    They look hot

  11. Marschmelowne says:

    the two guys with the beard looked so hot with long hair

  12. mittie rowland says:

    Everyone agrees the “jesus” guy is hot with long hair. He got the best wig
    that went with his look more. The dark headed guy got a greasy limp piece
    of hair and the other bearded guy’s wig looked too fake.

  13. Alma Nilsson says:

    The Jesus Guy looks so Good with the long hair

  14. Michasia X says:

    “Jesus guy” with long hair? So hot!

  15. Caldella says:

    Blondish/light brown-haired guy had sort of a Thor look going with the long
    hair and beard. I dig it.

  16. Caro Coloma says:


  17. Caitlin Ashley says:

    guys with long hair are sexy lol

  18. Yasmine H. says:

    The blond guy really rocked it… man so HOT

  19. Noora Alarauhio says:

    Honestly, long hair looks SO good with you guys! A wig feels weird for
    sure, but when it’s your own, it’s different. I think it suited especially
    guys with beards :)

  20. Lucia Alonso says:

    I met the try guys in Miami!