Gwen Stefani – Make Me Like You

Gwen Stefani – Make Me Like You

Gwen Stefani “Make Me Like You” from the upcoming album THIS IS WHAT THE TRUTH FEELS LIKE (out March 18)
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“Make Me Like You” available for streaming and download now!

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Director: Sophie Muller
Producer: Grant Jue for WONDROS

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20 Responses

  1. Kr3amy101 says:

    Gwen Stephani rocks!

  2. DD SLOT PLAYER says:

    if anyone has ever seen her live (which I have)? knows that her live
    performances are truly Epic! This cali girl has totally reinvented herself!
    ? the song ? and I am mesmerized by her beauty! #gwenNblake4ever ?

  3. Cristiano Ronaldo says:

    Who else watched a Gwen Stefani ad before this one?

  4. Dana McArtor says:

    I loved it so much. Also loved the Blake sign above the bar lol 🙂 Love,
    love, love Gwen :)

  5. Nathanael Freitas says:

    Queen is back!!!❤❤❤

  6. YukiHakurei says:

    Got an ad for Make Me Like You before the Make Me Like You video. Nice.

  7. Jorge Daniel says:


  8. ryanisflyboy says:

    Wish we all could look this good at 46!

  9. Jorge Arias says:

    YOU!!! Oh God!! ♫ I love this song

  10. Jared Walking Eagle says:

    I’ve watched this at least 10x.

  11. Nicolee Melaniee says:


  12. Felix Martinez says:

    Probably the best video of 2016

  13. nolypaulacheco says:

    Yaaas aging gracefully. Not trying to be a teenager. Love it!

  14. Ross The Cheesekake says:


  15. Stephanie Wilson says:

    Love her

  16. KillerFrost02 says:

    shes the 21century marilyn monroe???

  17. maya hendy says:

    was that a real fall

  18. Vale Decotto says:

    this is just perfect!! Gwen looks stunning, the camera work is amazing and
    the stages are really cool! great execution, this is a very complex thing
    to do. It’s good to see something original and innovative for a change and
    she proves, once again, why she’s the best!

  19. Zippy Talx says:

    Haha the commercial before this was of the same video ad when I came back
    it was there again!

  20. Nail Beckler says:

    Marilin??? Eres tu??