Gwen, The Hallowed Seamstress Ability Reveal | New Champion

Gwen, The Hallowed Seamstress Ability Reveal | New Champion

The new champion Gwen, the Hallowed Seamstress is here!
Thanks to Riot Games for providing some of the assets in this video!
Purchase RP here (Amazon Affiliate – NA):

Video contains Gwen Abilities descriptions.

00:00 Passive
00:18 Q Ability
00:38 W Ability
01:11 E Ability
01:25 R Ability
01:46 Splash Art

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60 Responses

  1. Bone Tooth says:

    Viego holds a comically large sword while Gwen holds a comically large pair of scissors

  2. stratosphericism says:

    “Enemies outside the mist cannot target Gwen or hit her with any abilities”
    “Cannot hit her with any abilities”
    oh boye

  3. Otterfan :D says:

    It’s gotten to the point where champs can just be invincible as an ability

    • 66maybe66 says:

      The only concern here is her placing it behind the wave then casting Q from right at the edge to poke, since other than that she has no way to benefit from the untargetability in melee matchups. And using Q to poke without getting in autos first greatly reduces its damage. It sounds cancerous on paper but she can’t really abuse it, so it’s fine.

    • saravana chandran says:

      @Axixe they still take damage like ignite

    • DUMBSY DUMBLES says:

      Fiora is invincible to damage as well as cc
      Also how do you parry fire

    • Justin Waterfall says:

      Well… they had a typo so this entire video is void. Time* not Rime.

    • Raiolar says:

      @Axixe vladimir cant attack during this time, fizz cant attack during this time, xayah and lissandra are on ults

  4. Alex Kennard says:

    Meanwhile, we have Garen: I heal, I bonk, I shield, I spin, I bonk harder.

  5. El Mostacho Juanoh says:

    Ladies and gentleman from the creators of Cho’s ult on Camille’s Q we have Xin’s ult on Gwen’s W

    • Recklez says:

      The crazy thing is Xin’s ultimate is worse then Gwen’s W because it doesn’t block CC like Gwen’s ult does 😀

    • AberrantReptile says:

      Don’t forget Yone who has a Zed ult on his e

    • XeryntuS says:

      Hi’s dumb. Her w is mix between Vladimir’s and Senna’s pools…

    • Emiliano Cichanowski says:

      I mean, thats kinda a overexageration

    • Emiliano Cichanowski says:

      @AleksPW no, people can talk like if thats the case but still, its kinda unfair to talk about this in that way, is just more relaiable becose of the lower cooldown. Wile cho’s ult its more about scale and burst in a 60s cooldown, wich is just more situational.

  6. ragard says:

    *Gwen R exists*
    pre-rework irelia mains: My time has come

  7. Yuan Li says:

    Next patch: Gwen can now be targeted by abilities in her W
    Next patch after that: Gwen’s auto attacks no longer heal her
    Next patch after that: Gwen’s R can now only be casted twice

  8. DAY 7 says:

    I can’t believe that she doesn’t have an ability where she can sew enemies together.

    • Tito Cristobal says:

      @Ian Navarro am I supposed to take you seriously?

    • Increasingly Verbose says:

      Kinda hoped for a zac Q needle ability for multiple enemies

    • CordArrow says:

      @Ian Navarro Do you know what a seamstress is?

    • You Were The One says:

      @CordArrow It’s cuz she idolises isolde so much in the lore, it’s kinda cute. I like how they made her use isolde’s tools like an amateur, she throws needles randomly and swings sciccors around like a child who’s copying they’re mother’s actions.

    • You Were The One says:

      @Fantse Rishea Isolde’s a good gal I think. Not sure if she’ll be fiddlesticks kinda horror

  9. alexander martinez says:

    Her passive is literally “everything does bonus damage” lol

  10. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    When a kawaii anime looking doll’s kit does infinitely more damage than a celestial space dragon

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