HAIM – Want You Back (Official Video)

HAIM – Want You Back (Official Video)

Directed by Jake Schreier
New album ‘Something To Tell You’ coming July 7, 2017. Pre-order the album and get “Want You Back” instantly: http://haim.lnk.to/stty

Cinematography by Adam Newport-Berra
Choreography by Ian Eastwood, Haim & Francis and the Lights

Production Company: Park Pictures
Executive Producers: Jackie Kelman Bisbee, Alex Fisch
Line Producers: Michelle Currinder, Tracy Broaddus

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Music video by HAIM performing Want You Back. (C) 2017 HAIM Productions Inc., under exclusive licence to Polydor Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Ltd


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20 Responses

  1. Marzia P. says:

    Accurate representation of me when I walk with music in my ears.

  2. marypo96 says:

    Queens of choreography!!!

  3. xcxdreams says:

    Queens of jaywalking

  4. Maddi says:

    Time to go dance in a street and ignore the existence of cars.

  5. Unity Hodges says:

    im so gay

  6. marypo96 says:

    2:39 iconic

  7. Sohail Ansari says:

    So basically all they did was just walk half a mile.

  8. imane djn says:

    they’re so underrated

  9. stephiiee says:

    their shirts together resembles a traffic light..

  10. franco says:

    la la land versao indie

  11. emma russell says:

    Ok it’s gotten to the point where I think Danielle Haim could literally punch me in the face and I would thank her for it.

  12. Elaine Perez says:


  13. Rafinha Santos says:

    We brazilian fans need you guys in Brazil RIGHT NOW 💚💙💛

  14. REVOLCTOP says:

    Wow who knew that I could be mesmerized for 4 minutes by watching the HAIM girls literally just walking down a street. I was expecting some kinda storyline thing but this was SO much better. Damn I bet it would be fun to join in on their choreography particularly from 2:54!!

  15. Nayli Husna says:

    when they started to catwalk on beat i screamed this mv is so simple but effortlessly cool. my skin is now clear im getting As in all of my subjects my father came back my weave is snatched i was blind but now i see

  16. Tim BM says:

    The little lip bite Danielle does tho

  17. Ian Eastwood says:

    you guys killed it! so so proud to have been a part of this, thanks for the opportunity jake and thank you ladies for absolutely killin the choreo!

  18. nybb65 says:

    I’m more interested on how they were able to walk down the street with 0 cars interfering with the video.

  19. Felipe Traczynski says:

    To chorando de tanta emoção, como eu amo minhas três mães

  20. Alana Sousa says:

    Não acredito que elas inventaram como andar na rua

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