Hairdresser Reacts to People Going Brown to Bright Red

Hairdresser Reacts to People Going Brown to Bright Red

Hi Beautiful! Today we watch some girls go from their natural brown hair to intense fire engine red! It’s quite an intense change.




Dacia E Video ▷

Ibironke Video ▷

Cristinagto Video ▷



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68 Responses

  1. Brad Mondo says:

    Hi beautiful thanks for being here ??

  2. Kaitlyn Kat says:

    I need to show Brad my beautiful, shiny, brown hair. 🙂

  3. Abby Taylor says:

    im a natural blonde and I dye my hair dark brown haha I bet brad is cringing

    • Kirsten C says:

      I’m blonde as well but I could never dye my hair a dark colour because I think my eyebrows would look funny being so much lighter. Plus when it grows out light roots look terrible imo and I would hate having to maintain it.
      Sometimes I wish I had dark hair so I could dye it whatever colour I wanted and not have those worries. But what can ya do ??‍♀️

    • Wiktoria Jędrzejewska says:

      @Kirsten C But if you’re blonde you can probably rock pastel pink for example. Also you don’t even have to bleach your hair.

    • Kirsten C says:

      @Wiktoria Jędrzejewska Yes exactly! I have been seriously considering a pastel lavender ? I do love being blonde, I just wish I could enjoy a full range of hair colours without having to tint my eyebrows and get touch-ups constantly.

    • Wiktoria Jędrzejewska says:

      @Kirsten C Lucky you. My hair is like medium brown so i had to bleach it (at least only once) to finally get my dream pink/red hair but still i wish i wouldn’t have to bleach it. If you want lavender go for it!

    • Teldira says:

      Same hun, same.

  4. Mia Rogers says:

    When you were feeling confident about your plain brown hair until now ?

  5. Brianna Mckissick says:

    Brad over here me making me feel insecure about my dark brown hair that I love

  6. Madison Roberts says:

    What Brad Mondo’s Intro Actually Means: HELLO BEAUTIFUL (Unless You’re Brunette).

  7. Cori J says:

    “Better than having brown hair I guess”


  8. Rosa Ford says:

    I did not come here for brad to tell me im beautiful then talk smack about my brown hair ?

  9. Saya says:

    My virgin brunette hair’s feelings are so hurt right now

  10. Sativa-Mermaid says:

    I’m a hairdresser and I love some nice virgin brown hair ??‍♀️

  11. Melanie Lopez says:

    I have natural brown hair and I always get compliments on it. I’ve been asked “what dye did you use to get your hair color?” ?

  12. Emily Gruber says:

    Who else loves their brown hair as much as I love mine?!

  13. Kaylaboo says:

    Brad: You all are beautiful.

    Also Brad: Except brunettes

  14. amethyst dawn says:

    what’s wrong with my natural brown hair?? lol at least its not crispy af

  15. odalys Torres says:

    My hair is brunette and i love my hair. Y’all who are brunettes have gorgeous hair. Xoxo

  16. Jazz Tv says:

    Damn brad, who was the Brunette that hurt you? ??

  17. SJstevie Lee says:

    a casual blonde reading through the comments of all the brunettes coming for brads weave

  18. Carissa Elrod says:

    Is there some daddy issues going on here where he was told his natural brown hair was ugly or what?

  19. Tortilla :o says:

    He’s saying it’s not a good idea to have solid brown hair when over half the population of the world does…. Sis if we didn’t like it we would change it.

    • meri says:

      I bet that’s why he doesn’t love it, it’s so common that it’s not interesting. I think brown virgin hair is better than dead blonde hair (like mine lol)

  20. Ariah Love says:

    Kind of a bad move to talk crap about brown hair . WHEN MAJORITY OF PEOPLE WATCHING HAVE BROWN HAIR.

    • N o t O k ay says:

      Ariah Love Its his opinion he’s not talking shit lmao. It might feel like that because you have brown hair but it’s his opinion.

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