Haiti (0) vs. Mexico (1) – Gold Cup 2019

Haiti (0) vs. Mexico (1) – Gold Cup 2019

Watch the Game Highlights from Haiti vs. Mexico, 07/02/2019

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77 Responses

  1. Israel roteiro says:

    Mwen bezwen yon penalite pou genyen Meksik nan Ayiti

  2. Eduardox lg says:

    Esta vez Haiti jugo mas a defenderse que a atacar.
    Un partido donde se noto demasiado cansancio por parte de las dos selecciones.

    • Juan Antonio Ríos Olvera says:

      @xXCristoferXx xXMitchellXx El Brasil vs Argentina no fue la gran cosa. Argentina se la pasó pateando a los brasileños y reclamandole al arbitro, mientras los brasileños defendieron la mayoria del partido. Los goles fueron de chispazo y contragolpe.

    • WidHaiti TV says:

      Di lo del penal tambn

  3. Cool Randomguy says:

    I was getting “El unico Haitiano en el area” flashbacks near the end there. But congrats to Haiti they had a great run and only lost to a penalty.

    • Cristina Bailey says:

      @Miguel Angel Lopez Nava I found this victory very unfair not because Mexico didn’t deserve it but because the penalty wasn’t justifiable, it wasn’t fair at all. And if it was the way around I would have said the same thing, and sure you would have as well.

    • Patlan AP says:

      They only lost to a penalty that wasn’t a penalty

    • Jack Klapp says:

      Patlan AP doesnt mean haiti “deserved” to win. They couldn’t even score. Haiti did good but they play like every small team does just defend with 10 players for 90 minutes and hope they survive. At the end of the day the better team is in the final. Haiti didnt deserve to advance over Mexico they shouldve scored at least once for you to say that.

    • Jose .A Siordia says:

      @Golden FREEDOM you sound like a sensitive vigina,to bad your country sucks balls just like you

  4. Oli Mizik says:

    *Special thanks to the referee of this match*
    *We will always stay HAITI*

    • Cristina Bailey says:

      @Joel thanks bro from Haiti. Haiti vs Mexico was a great great game. I’m just sad the way it ended. We don’t have much luck in Haiti and the referee has no idea of the harm he may have caused by his action. It was like a stab in the hearts of all my compatriots. ????

    • Wat Wat100 says:

      @Don Leon To be honest it wasn’t. It was a foul inside the box and that concluded to the penalty being called. If it was outside the box or any spot on the feel it would be a foul regardless. You cant kick someone especially if your foot doesnt touch the ball first and you clearly see he didnt even touch the ball but the player inside the box. Clearly a penalty.

    • Wat Wat100 says:

      So are we really going to sit here and act like that wasnt a penalty?? Btw I was rooting for Haiti all the way but I am not bias at all.

    • Shady Return says:

      Luis R if you guys dominated you wouldn’t win by a gifted penalty?

  5. Rey Puma11 says:

    We may had won but oh my god what a terrible match. We need players who have the ballz to shoot instead of just wasting a ball by passing it and then having the ball taken

  6. Mr Chaton says:

    Explain to me where the f that penalty came from

    • Christian Carrasco says:

      Manuel Delgado it was a high kick before the defender made contact, that was really controversial. Idk man, plus he milked it

    • Dukens Saint Vil says:

      From the gay ass ref

    • gaucho05 says:

      And you don’t say nothing about the handball? ? that’s funny ?

    • Carlos Rivas says:

      Sebastian Aponte just another happy Mexican that he took the the win one way or another and they get mad why they don’t compete in the World Cup. Concacaf is in favor of Mexico and the US. That’s why the gold cup is stupid

    • Diegoalonzo Davalos says:

      Juego peligroso

  7. Narcisse Yvancy says:

    Dear Referee thank you so much…
    Haiti stay strong,may God bless you

    • Chris M says:

      What game were you watching? Just Be thankful that Mexico missed all those opportunities to score against Haiti. Because let’s be honest here this game should have been 5-0 for Mexico. Smh….

    • Adrian Castroo says:

      Keep crying ?

    • Splashing Don says:

      @Chris M but did then make em no they made a penaltiy kick they had many chances but they missed

  8. PukllaYvoy Puklla Munay says:

    Nada que reprochar a Ayití, seria bello saber que jugará el Qatar 2022

  9. Bernardo Amaya says:

    Haiti is a great team, love from Mexico brothers !!

  10. milhomme yorck says:

    Bon courage les gars, un jour on va champions….. c’est toujours les arbitres qui nous en empeches de grandir….. toujours, toujours

    • Richardson Prucien says:

      aguilas poderosas sérieusement jsp si c le Mexique qui est nul à chier ou Haïti qui est devenue super fort Haïti vous a foutu la honte

    • Richardson Prucien says:

      aguilas poderosas une victoire honteuse du Mexique sur Haïti du penalty TRÈS TRÈS discutable

    • joonoel oz says:

      Devuelta a su realidad Bv

    • Shrekowski Jim says:

      Arrêtez de chialer les Haïtiens vous avez très bien joué et je vous accorde tout mes respects mais de là à dire que c’est la faute des arbitres il faut se calmer…

  11. CorupptedKev says:

    Respect To Haiti ?? You guys played very good & Impeded so many Goals !

  12. LUFK 876 says:

    Haiti ?? did well to reach the semi finals ??

  13. Gabby Edouard says:

    I truly believe that the referee was waiting for an opportunity to give Mexico?? a penalty kik when he saw that Haiti?? was not going to go out as easy as he thought.

  14. Jago Gonzalez says:

    how do you miss that last pass and goal open lol come on!!

  15. Mmay3544 Melomay says:

    Yooooo I can’t take thse tears ? of my face rn I’m dying inside me bro I mean Mexico ?? play a great game but y’all didn’t have to ended up like this do y’all know how many people have y’all hurts today ??????? I mean Mexico could have won this game but it’s shouldn’t been that way there wasn’t no penalty bruh

    • SuperJanemba 11 says:

      Honestly bro, I feel hella guilty…

    • Xtcnyc 23 says:

      Bullshit call on Raul, he just tapped his foot mid air and flopped like a typical Neymar.

    • Mesuit Eyezil says:

      Jimenez might have embellished the significance of that contact. But sometimes embellishment is necessary. If you’re lunging for a ball with your foot at head-height, and your plant foot on its tip-toes, and an opponent swings recklessly and strikes the bottom of your airborne foot … that contact is going to affect you. Jimenez had to go to ground to make the ref realize it had affected him.

      (That kick to the foot also might have cause him legitimate pain!)

      So it was a penalty.

    • James Joanis says:

      @Mesuit Eyezil clearly it affects him that’s why he got up so fast without emergency treatment and use the same foot to shoot the penalty, clearly your logic applies to this case…..

  16. Loïssa Georges says:

    Not disappointed of my team! Haiti played very well! That game got me all stressed out! Ouff, Ctait chaud! I’m proud of them! Kenbe la, pa lage!????

    • Greg Gomez says:

      Loïssa Georges. Im mexican and i think tha haiti played well. That penalty should not have happened. Kudos to Haiti.

    • Jack Klapp says:

      Loïssa Georges bet u give some mean dome girl

    • Vityaz says:

      Welcome to concacaf U.S.A vs México for full house clasic in concacaf.

    • El Chapo says:

      I’m Mexican and there shouldn’t have been a penalty if 2:40 would of made it then it would be fair with or without the penalty

    • Loïssa Georges says:

      @Greg Gomez thnk you for your support. Agreed abt the penalty! But don’t worry, Haiti will be back stronger next time. We never give up!

  17. Oscar Ramirez says:

    Haiti much respect brothers it could of go either way you guys are good at football see you in Qatar brothers

  18. Stupachini Channel says:

    Haiti has a good future!!! From Russia with love!!!

  19. Mauro Villarreal says:

    The Haiti Golie was on fire?. Penalties are hard to stop. Haiti level went up. It’s stronger that Costa Rica because they needed a false penalty to go to over time and Haiti did it fair and square.

  20. forrestgum15 says:

    That penalty call tho… Good job Haiti, the whole Caribbean was with you last night. Greetings from Dominican Republic.

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