‘Hamilton’ stars give Mike Pence a message

‘Hamilton’ stars give Mike Pence a message

The stars of the musical “Hamilton” gave Vice President-elect Mike Pence a message about diversity when he came to the show.

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19 Responses

  1. fredo1070 says:

    CNN fake news, since when did anyone listen to a bunch of drama queens.

  2. Brian Lorne says:

    Mike Pence is a nice guy!

  3. dorothy cornwell says:

    The biggest problem since this election is the lack of respect Americans
    have for each other. We are so quick to criticize each other and so quick
    to take offense when criticized. Time for Americans to start respecting
    each other. Young,old,poor,rich,black,white,yellow,red, and any other
    color. I was brought up to respect my elders no matter what their social

  4. Warfossil says:

    I’m sure Pence lost sleep that night, not. He doesn’t need to be lectured
    by professional victims with their woe as me race baiting.

  5. grumpychuck says:

    Blaming and harassing the media, or anyone, who disagrees with a point of
    view is a tactic that has been used by populist and totalitarian
    governments for a very long time as a starting point of suppression.
    There would not be a renewed racial, ethnic and religious fear by so many
    people if it wasn’t for the rhetoric, and now actions, of the president
    elect and his mouthpieces.
    This fear was not started by any media but it is the media who is being
    blamed for it by reporting it.

  6. BizWiz says:

    *Because Conservatives insist on calling Liberals the scum of the earth and
    say we contribute nothing.* All the while – enjoying the arts which are
    predominantly Liberal. I have been an artist for most of my life. I say
    this: A Liberal painting that depicts the beauty of diversity in terms of
    ethnicity, sexual orientation or cultures is beautiful, but a painting
    depicting the beauty of a wall that separates those cultures is not.

  7. G's Up says:

    Evil liberal scums on CNN once again attacking people with their lies and
    bigot hatred.

  8. Haunted Knight says:

    Your paid to act and entertain the audience of all different paths of life,
    that is the art of theatre. Not demoralize and lecture a kind man who was
    generally interested to see and enjoy your show, especially since he’s the
    future vice president. If you don’t like this country, my simple answer is
    this: Get the fuck out.

  9. Danny Branderson says:

    Ironic how Hamilton is lecturing against racism. Considering their casting

  10. IronNail says:

    The self righteousness of the left is very nauseating.

  11. PaulGreen11 says:

    Black Actor: “Please, Mr. Whiteman! Get along with us! Include us!”

    Mr. Whiteman: “Nigga, please! I don’t have the power to make you people
    love yourselves and I’m not about to waste any time trying to wake you
    Niggas up!”

  12. Adam DeP says:

    the leftists destroying themselves daily! hahha they don’t get it. this is
    exactly why Trump got in.

    keep it up so we can have Trump the full 8 years

  13. The1Mouseketeer says:

    Damn. Those people were rude as fuck to pence

  14. PC Principal says:

    Well, a lot of minorities are afraid of a Trump presidency due to what he
    has said in his campaign. Also, they are more fearful due to the 3 people
    who he’s picked for his cabinet. Also, you can’t deny the spike in hate
    crimes against minorities. I don’t think the Hamilton folks harassed
    mr.pence and they did tell the crowd to stop booing him. My only problem
    with pence is that he’s an old school Christian and I could never trust an
    old school religious folk in government. (Sessions, Bannon and Flynn) are
    kinda terrifying. I just hope no international laws get broken under
    Mr.Trump’s regime.
    Excited for his first state of the union though!

  15. rpnp2 says:

    So they think hes racist?

  16. KooliSkey says:

    *Conservatives:* “Wow what a fucking pussy butthurt PC SJW liberal hahaha”

  17. David Stewart says:

    I heard the show sucked anyway.

  18. Osian Mathias says:

    “OMG ,I’m literally shaking right. now, i’m really am worried for my safety
    I’m going to move to Canada.”-50% of all Liberals

  19. The2016American says:

    Hahahahaha! He’s getting what he deserves! Do any of you know who Mike
    Pence is and what he stands for? For him to go see “Hamilton”, a Broadway
    musical performance, and expect for no one to boo is just stupid! Mike
    Pence has actually advocated for gay conversion therapy! Really!