Hannah Ann: ‘Things Weren’t Adding Up’ With Peter Weber

Hannah Ann: ‘Things Weren’t Adding Up’ With Peter Weber

Hannah Ann Sluss opens up to Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin about why she showed up to Peter Weber’s proposal in Australia and how their relationship changed once “The Bachelor” season began.

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50 Responses

  1. Jene Nicole says:

    Love the trio

  2. Holly House says:

    Hannah Ann is headed for anything she wants to do. She is in the prime of her youth, smart, gorgeous and now has a huge audience. So go do your thin, sister. When youre my age you will wish you had… ( Im old) 🙂

  3. Donovan Barnett says:

    Her and Hannah B. Are starting to sound so similar. 😂. Anyway good For hannah Ann. Staying strong

  4. Tina Hang says:

    Rachel is PERFECT 🙌🏿 HAIR.. BEAUTIFUL 👊🏿

    • Diane McCloud says:

      @ Tina, I was thinking her and Becca make such a great team…both lovely, mature, smart and are carrying the best podcast…..both are very classy ladies….

  5. Mandy says:

    Should I have stayed on that bed in Australia? absolutely!

  6. Dominique says:

    Yeah, even his interjection within the proposal, which is supposed to be his and HANNAH’S moment, where he just has to bring up Madison (but in a way where he still completely jumps over the truths of how she left) is so telling.

  7. LOADING... says:

    Omg. I have so much respect for her now. At the beginning I didn’t like her. Now I respect her how she handle the situation.

  8. Lindsay Tucker says:

    honestly i never cared for Hannah Ann- but i respect her so much for being so strong and mature about all of this! she’s a very beautiful woman and is a total catch! i wish her nothing but the best

  9. Margot D'Souza says:

    Hannah Ann handled it all with finesse and grace!!!

  10. maryam mure says:

    Hannah Ann looks so much like young Jenna Dewan. They could be sisters. So beautiful.

  11. Jillian K says:

    the way he said “madison left 2 days ago” just made it sound like he was the one who asked her to leave and he was putting it nicely. idk. i just see how hannah ann may have taken it that way. i mean my first instinct definitely wouldn’t have been that a contestant dumped the bachelor.

  12. Soc MAN says:

    I would marry Hannah in a heartbeat!! Smart, beautiful and soooo sweet !!

  13. TheTholmes123 says:

    Becca’s having flashbacks…

  14. Adwoa Mk says:

    Now we can see what his ex was saying about him, how he just mysteriously broke up with her just before joining the bachelor, after telling her he wanted her to move to California.

  15. K B says:

    Rachel is asking the right questions… those missing pieces we wanted to hear

  16. Muniira Yassin says:

    she got a life lesson, millions of people supporting her, bach boys probably fawning over her, and a career out of this. she won.

  17. Linda Auten says:

    OK, I didn’t realize he called Hanna Ann Madison in his proposal. But, I did hear him say that Madison left 2 days ago. When he mentioned Madison leaving, I thought to myself, in other words you (Hannah) are my 2nd choice. Too bad Madison left early, it would have saved Hannah from a broken engagement, and all the other stuff she found out after the fact.

  18. KCC - Karen's Chronic Corner says:

    I think this experience has shown Hanna Ann how strong and powerful she is.

  19. Lori H. says:

    I am fully convinced he accidentally called her Madison and saved face.

    “Madison……..left two days ago.”

  20. Teti says:

    He’s a sweet talker.. the worst kind

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