Hannah’s House Q+A

Hannah’s House Q+A

How’s Hannah now?

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Teenage Feet in Morgue with Copy Space
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69 Responses

  1. Mariko True says:

    Definitely like the “Haunted House Calls” episode.While I like the exotic locations (Texas, California), the presence of a gift shop kind of dilutes the thrill factor. Looking forward to next season, Thanks to everyone involved, in front of camera, behind the camera and in the attics/basements.

  2. *peanut has left the chat* says:

    *hannah has left the chat again*

  3. Tippi B says:

    These seasons are too short, dang it

  4. Frisk Tale says:

    This? Great. Shane? Beautiful. Ryan? Also beautiful. The ending? Absolute pure comedy. Thank you.

  5. Ember Ann says:

    Ok, we need a video of the psychic trying to read Shane!

  6. Blaire Abel says:

    my cousin is almost 3 and has never been exposed to any horror material but she comes out at night saying there’s a hanging monster in her room. i think shanes right, kids are clever and pick up on things and know about the concept from a young age.

    • Silly Heather says:

      Xan πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘» Booo!⚰️

    • Juicy Satsuma says:

      I mean…Elmo is a monster. Stitch is a monster/alien. Sully is a monster. All things 3 year olds can be abundantly exposed to.

    • Annur mashita says:

      Children can see ghost/things. Just like my sister when she was little she saw a man hanging at the living room

    • Daniel Carr says:

      Also WE are exposed to horror material and we are interpreting. A ‘hanging monster’, could be a bat they’ve seen on a nature show, or Elmo chilling out. When WE hear it because of our exposure, we turn it into ‘a grotesque creature/zombie/ghost hanged by the neck’.

  7. AbbiCat says:

    tHe bUrn zONe
    * two grown men screaming *

  8. Esco Royale says:

    Still waiting for Shane and Ryan & Shane and Ryland collab

  9. dino s says:

    sally house, Sally House, SALLY HOUSE, SALLY HOUSE!!!!! (please go back to the Sally house)

  10. Nicole Maj says:

    Uninsulated pipes can make huge banging noises… I lived in a row of condos and everytime it would get cool out the pipes banged, it sounded almost like gunfire it was so loud and unpredictable …. we hated the fall and spring!!!!

  11. Collin Burkhart says:

    Not gonna lie, I was kinda hoping Hannah was going to make another appearance on this postmortem episode, to answer questions with them.

  12. IH N says:

    I love how they had to do a retake of Shane greeting AJ because of how awkward he was

  13. Regs Lyne says:

    I think y’all should get in contact with the guy who did β€˜dear david’ on Twitter…it always raises suspicion to me, but idk it could be real, it could be fake, that’s why I think y’all should go investigate the apartment and sleep there…I just wanna know if this guy was lying and it would be interesting to watch y’all go over it and visit the apartment, then again the video clips and pictures the guy had were kinda freaky/scary and it looks real (especially the vids when he was away) Anyways I think y’all should try and make an episode about it

    • casismymrdarcy says:

      I believe they already answer the question regarding their opinion on Dear David. Shane said it just bunch of bolognies

    • lapolie says:

      I think he confirmed himself that the story was in fact fake

    • im confusion says:


    • Shriya Bhagalia says:

      I remember in one of the postmortems before where Shane and Ryan both sorta low key dissed Adam Ellis’s story about dear david by just sighing and looking away from the camera lol. They probably didn’t care about it or they were just fed up. Who knows!? I followed the story on twitter and I though it was really freaky but towards the end it looked kinda fake and I ignored the whole thing and he. Even in this episode when they were talking about “capitalizing on ghouls” my mind went straight to the whole dear david buffoonery. But he’s still a good comic artist. And, yeah, he stopped posting about it way before he sold the rights to the people who are making The Conjuring spin offs only because it caught so much attention. Makin’ dat dough tho!

  14. Angel Gilbert says:

    15:15 PLS make a whole season based on fans’ personal experiences

    • Yunseo Park says:

      Angel Gilbert It would be good if they did that, however I doubt that they would/could go to their house, because many people would fake hauntings/sightings just so that Shane and Ryan would go to see them πŸ˜ͺ

      I hope that they find a way to avoid that and actually do it though! πŸ˜„

  15. nevas says:

    Is Shane wearing…a *Gene* jacket??

  16. c h i n n y says:

    The eye-beams look like the light being reflected off of the back of two hangers.

  17. Elizabeth Alvarez says:

    AHHH! I was the one who made the original comment about the glowing eyes on the original video! Im glad im not the only one who saw that

    EDIT: i’m losing my mind over the fact that Shane and Ryan said it was a good find. Im so proud of myself ( and fangirling)

  18. Natasha Lewis says:

    I’m a skeptic who loves crystals but I don’t believe in what they apparently do, they’re just really pretty

  19. mom2wyatt says:

    Only the spirit box can give us things like Apple Taters.

  20. ApexCenter II says:

    Ruining History S2?

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