Happy 5th Birthday, West Wing Week!

Happy 5th Birthday, West Wing Week!

For five straight years, West Wing Week has produced more than 260 episodes covering the Presidency in a way that’s never been done before. This week, we’re throwing it a 5th birthday party. Enjoy a special, 5th-anniversary edition of West Wing Week!

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20 Responses

  1. Nick Scott says:

    His demeanor amidst today’s complex issues facing the Office is far more
    encouraging than his hair color would indicate. “They’re very rational.”
    {We all wish more people in those meetings were like that}

  2. Yo Mama says:

    Butt heart comments will soon be here just you wait and see

  3. buffedtrainer1 says:

    BEST President in my lifetime. Obama is all about Human Rights!!!! 

  4. Mark Londer says:

    obummer is just like a sleazy used car salesman

  5. jacobs mat says:

    Haters must know that, all American Presidents are the same, since the
    Vietnam war and Watergate scandal until now. they works in the interest of
    all American citizens. and this is normal other wise you can’t be
    Americans Leader and President Obama is not the worst.

  6. mylifewithya says:

    I love our president

  7. lebnen143 says:

    genuine president this shows all the haters in the end of the day we all
    are humains and makes mistake time to time so stop judging obama its not
    easy to be president you got the peoples on your intire shoulders give
    obama a break hes the coolest president ever .

  8. Михаил Текутов says:

    Если бы я был Американцем, я бы не голосовал за него!
    Увеличил государственный долг страны!
    Сделал сланцевую революцию, которая оказалась убыточной для страны!
    Затеял “холодную войну” с Россией, в которой ядерное оружие, чуть ли не в
    каждой точки страны стоит. Бедные США – развалил он их! 

  9. TheBloodySage says:

    It takes a Republican to fuck up our country, and a Democrat to fix it. 

  10. David Gutierrez says:

    Thanks Obama ^0^

  11. Marvin Flugelmeister says:

    Congratulation on the Iran nuclear deal. The NeoCons won’t like it but who
    cares, they are completely insane and not worth trying to please one iota.

  12. Carlo Delano says:

    negros everywhere!! white genocide .

  13. BossMadOne says:

    If I had a son he would look like Obama.

  14. alphonso Morris says:

    All man I didn’t wanted it to end I love it so much I love the
    behind-the-scenes I wish it was an hour long !!!

  15. ch3apsh0t1 says:

    I like seeing the president do these type of things. It just feels good.

  16. ㄱ맙습니다 says:

    미합중국 버락오바마대통령님 감사 합니다
    오늘도 건강하시고 행복하세요
    웃음 주셔서 행복합니다

  17. 2013suzette says:

    Happy 5th Birthday West Wing Week, I have not missed an episode since you

    I wish for you many, many more fun and enlightening episodes.

  18. Jose Vega says:

    OBAMA RULES! 3rd term? I’m down.

  19. aricars6263 says:

    Obama looks like phony camera clown.

  20. Morgan Freeman says:

    I would have to say that is a very nice tie Mr President. You tie them so