Happy Graduation, Future Dead People

Happy Graduation, Future Dead People

In which Hank delivers a message for the class of 2015, and also for everyone else. This is a magically weird time in the history of our species and it’s time to be a part of it.

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20 Responses

  1. Lauren Crisp says:

    This is far and away the most practical advice I have received upon
    graduation. Hank, you have made my crippling existential crisis almost

  2. ParaditeRs says:

    I wonder how many of the books on the shelf behind him he has read.

  3. Rachel Ann Pierce says:

    This is great in part because it applies to you no matter what we do.
    Weather we are a creator or consumer of culture, technology, history,
    science, literally everything.

  4. Claire - says:

    “Your actions are what build our world, don’t take that for granted.” Wow,
    this video makes me really want to strive towards getting a job which
    actively tries to make the world a better place everyday. We have all of
    this power at our fingertips, let’s use it to help those in need.

  5. Jesse Woodworth says:

    Hank, how do you get your hair like that? It’s amazing 

  6. soanthegreat says:

    Is that a copy of The Name of the Wind I see on your bookshelf Hank? I

  7. Patricia Kamara says:

    When Hank said “Dear Future Dead People” I began to nose bleed.
    Coincidence? I think not.

  8. journcy says:

    This was a very quiet video.

  9. Charlie Bennett says:

    One of my favorite videos on Youtube!

  10. Michelle Bean says:

    “Future dead people” is just the pessimist’s way of saying “currently
    living people”

  11. Zuko says:

    “Our actions build our world” do i detect a little bit of Sartre’s
    Existentialism is a Humanism? nice

  12. Michelle Haseltine says:

    “And by the time you reach retirement age, jobs might not be a thing
    anymore.” What do you mean?!?! Freaking me out!

  13. Matthew J Price says:

    +Hank Green says wiser things in this video than in almost every other
    video he has made. That’s saying a lot, because he and John are wise for a

    Feeling powerful.

  14. Hugo hhh says:

    I love this video

  15. Sarah RedQueen says:


    1- I opened youtube to look t crashcourse chemistry but decided to watch
    this first (i’m 19 days away from life defining finals)

    2- whenever you make these type of videos, I get this weird tension in my
    jaw where the corners of my mouth glue to my ears


    4- Thank you for brightening my days with those ”YOU ARE MATTER, YOU
    MATTER” Videos. -Sincerely, high school Senior who’s just about to lose

  16. Robert Anstett says:

    Future Dead Person

    This should inspire you to DO good things. Don't sit there waiting, go do them.

  17. Rachel Mosher says:

    Soooo can I just memorize this for my valedictorian speech?

  18. Reirainsong says:

    Change is inevitable, but just about the only thing as relevant to a human
    today as it will be in a couple decades is very simple. Do not be an
    asshole on purpose, and don’t be ignorant so that you can avoid being an
    asshole unintentionally. This is how we got this far, and this is the only
    way we can make it into the future without destroying civilization in spite
    of our increasing ability to do so.
    We may have already achieved a lot and deserve a great pat on the back for
    it, but it doesn’t mean our society does the best it can with our current
    technology. And since technology keeps advancing exponentially, we need to
    ensure our morality and empathy keeps up with it, otherwise we would reach
    a point where a single sociopath with a lab of nanotech equipment may very
    well doom humanity. Prohibition, laws and regulations are useless when
    advanced weapons become easily reproducible without any need for rare
    restricted materials. The only solution is making anyone enlightened enough
    to realize the value of all sentience – not limited to humans.

  19. Salwa Slices says:


  20. nikoleypoley97 says:

    This made me cry for some reason. Probably because i graduate in 12 days
    and have no idea what to do after school.

    Ps. Your hair looks great!