#hatchkids discuss Caitlyn Jenner

#hatchkids discuss Caitlyn Jenner

Kids were presented with two pictures, one of Bruce Jenner and one of Caitlyn Jenner, and their reactions will both surprise you and inspire you. SheKnows Media’s Hatch program creates content for grown-ups, made by kids on a mission.

For more information, visit – http://corporate.sheknows.com/hatch

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20 Responses

  1. Jaelyn Johnson says:

    Make them like you lol

  2. Jacquelyn Monroe says:

    WhatT??? To eaches own, Go Caitlyn Go! Do your thing. But I am not sure if
    we need to include children in this discussion/debate. Again, he spent
    millions and probably continuing to spend loads of money on this look. They
    did not mention that to these kids… I want to know the final cost of this
    transformation to see if suitable for the general population. #probablynot#
    Honeslty, not I feel like the suicide rate is only going to increase
    amongst homosexuals, especially the youth and teens… Ugh world, really!!!

  3. Bryan Vazquez says:

    sorry…. still calling you bruce.

    • CHEETAH69 says:

      +Bryan Vazquez why call him anything if that’s your attitude. I mean it’s
      not like you guys are in the same circle and calling him would ever
      actually present itself as something you’d need to do. But if being
      spiteful and petty is objective then I guess you do shit like that.

  4. pradidye says:

    this is so bulllshit

  5. Brandon Johnston says:

    feminists tho<<<

  6. Corvus Strigiform says:

    Was having a hard time believing humans can be good lately. Needed this.

  7. Jeff Munoz says:

    I was really touched when some of the kids put themselves in Caitlyn’s
    situation, it’s a really mature and bright way to go about! Very proud of
    these kids, great video!

  8. tommaspawn says:

    kids there’s no such thing as chicks with dicks just guys with tits…

  9. DOC O M4LLY says:

    Bruce Jenner is still a man. Chromosomes XY before a surgery, chromosomes
    XY after the surgery.

  10. Manlio Ceja says:

    disgusting what this world is becoming. The media is trying to push all of
    this trans/gay accepting views down our throats. Now all people who oppose
    these things are the “bad” ones. Stupid liberal america is growing and not
    in a good way. Religion is being brought down more and more by the media.
    Whilst the fags are being awarded awards for “braveness”. I am truly scared
    for the future generation after I grow up and have kids. 

  11. ahmed ajaj says:


  12. rick charles says:

    Hope “it” slips into a major depression and blow’s “its” brains out.

  13. Lawrence Bader says:

    1:35 Wow! PREACH little man! Preach!

  14. KC Nwokoye says:

    Wow, the parents and teachers of these kids have done an incredible job.
    God bless you all!

  15. rslouis66 says:


    If you added up all of the transgender people who have come out of the
    closet in the past 10 years, that number would easily dwarf the combined
    number of transgender people, who have come out of the closet during the
    previous 990 years!

    The times are changing, folks! Transgender people are HERE TO STAY!
    No longer, are trans people a mere fringe-outcast of society. And
    everybody, including children, are quickly evolving to become more
    ACCEPTING (and not just tolerant) of peoples’ myriad of differences!

    It’s called CHANGE, folks! It is universal. And it’s NOT going away!
    So, get used to it!!

  16. Heath S says:

    Keep up the good work guys. You’re now going to after children. Won’t be
    long and you’ll have classroom demonstrations for 5th graders on how to
    lube up for sodomy.

  17. William Seng says:

    I love how every generation becomes more accepting and kind.

  18. Hannah Egginson says:

    Im happy to know that this is the future.