Havana (LIVE at the 61st GRAMMYs)

Havana (LIVE at the 61st GRAMMYs)

“Camila” album available at: Spotify http://smarturl.it/Camila_Sptfy
Apple Music http://smarturl.it/Camila_AM
iTunes http://smarturl.it/Camila_iTunes
Google Play http://smarturl.it/Camila_GP

Find Camila Here:
Twitter: @camila_cabello
IG: @camila_cabello
Facebook: @97camilacabello
Website: www.camilacabello.com


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67 Responses

  1. robert craig says:


  2. Hannah Banana says:

    Lele: I DeSeRVe tO bE hErE beCauSE iM lAtIna

  3. Tae kim says:

    As Latina I feel very proud Camila killed this. This was the best performance of the night I don’t care what anyone says

    • Out of the woods says:

      Tae kim and yeah, as a Latina I feel extremely proud too! She did a great job

    • Cloudy Avenue says:

      +Out of the woods I agree too! ❤

    • Vik Ing says:

      Cloudy Avenue “when a lot people think the opposite that you think, something is wrong with you”

      By your logic the Nazis had to have been right since there were a lot of them thinking the same thing.

      Don’t say dumb statements like that in the future please.

      I can take people having a different opinion than mine, even if they’re wrong.

      But I put the line at saying dumb shit like that. You should know better.

    • Vik Ing says:

      Cloudy Avenue Because you’ve never criticized a professional at anything ever…


      But nice touch adding the AG song in. Now there’s someone with real talent and who definitely deserved her Grammy win.

    • Ayleen Cortez says:

      Vik Ing I still don’t agree cause you don’t seem to have a reason to say that , but it’s your opinion and I respect that.

  4. Valeria Luna says:

    ME ENCANTÓ ♥ La mejor presentación

  5. SparkDise says:


  6. Sean M says:

    I like how Young Thug came, did his verse and just dipped??

  7. RooValentine says:

    Orgullo latino de ustedes!! Camila la rompieron, Argentina y todo pais Latino te ama y los ama, sabelo. ??❤

    Ya lo dijo Balvin, somos Latinos hasta la muerte.

  8. Antonia San Martin says:

    “latino hasta la muerte” ??

  9. light and rebellion says:

    What a bomb ass performance! Love the colours, the theatrics, and of course the dancing/vocals. Everything about this was pure fire. Well done! ???

  10. FruiTu says:

    Better then the super bowl half time show

  11. Teddy'joncT says:

    Built bridge not wall ❤️

  12. the dude says:

    she didn’t won the grammys but i bet she did won a lotof new fans and love with this huge and wonderful show, shE KILLED IT

  13. Tanisha Joshi says:

    Either young thug is too tall or camila is too short

  14. tenorbuds says:

    I love how Camila always makes watching a live performance of Havana so much fun to watch. Yes, she’s performed the song many times, but she never does the same thing twice. She could do something so basic, but she always goes above and beyond and that’s what makes her such an incredible performer. Havana is one of my favorite songs by her and we covered “Havana” on my channel, hope you will watch it. Camila absolutely killed this performance and I can’t wait to hear the music she makes this year.

  15. Marianne says:

    this should be the actual music video

  16. Daniel Valdez says:

    Here I noticed the presence of Lele, la Abuelita loca, the father of Camila and Sofi. ?

  17. ARMY amo a bts says:


  18. Hey Doll says:

    Love the scenery i felt like we all got a taste of the Latina culture.

  19. The Nameless says:

    Young Thug is like chillin and dgaf ?

  20. Reggie Guns says:

    Why did I get high school musical 3 vibes

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