Hawk Raised by Eagles Is Starting to Act Like One | National Geographic

Hawk Raised by Eagles Is Starting to Act Like One | National Geographic

An orphaned red-tailed hawk that was adopted by bald eagles has defied expectations and survived, and now it’s acting like an eagle.
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Nicknamed “Spunky,” the young hawk was spotted living in an eagle’s nest in June. Experts initially thought his chances for survival were low. Hawks and eagles are normally mortal enemies. Hawks feed on small rodents, rabbits, and snakes, but Spunky was seen eating a flounder that he stole from one of the other eagles. He has shown some signs of his hawk ancestry including swooping down and picking up forest debris, which young hawks do while learning to catch prey. Spunky’s time with his adopted family may be short. Soon the eagles will migrate north, but hawks typically don’t leave the region.

Footage: Lynda Robson, Hancock Wildlife Foundation
Christian Sasse / SassePhoto / www.youtube.com/Sassephoto

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Hawk Raised by Eagles Is Starting to Act Like One | National Geographic

National Geographic

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20 Responses

  1. Cameron Kish says:

    Half what you’re born to be, half what you’re made to be.

  2. Random Stuffs says:

    I hope you guys keep up on this little fellow. I’d like to hear more about him in the future.

  3. Mohammad I'm Hard Bruce Lee says:

    What if the hawk feels attracted to a female eagle and they have baby? I’m so high right now

  4. jtiss _ says:

    This is an animated kids movie waiting to happen

  5. Ryungun Rie says:

    Is that how black people act in the USA?

  6. Nut Slap says:

    Is it like white people raising a black kid?

  7. Citizen Dildo says:

    I hope Spunky migrates with his adopted parents and becomes king in the north.

  8. Sannidor says:

    Do you know about a ratmouse? Yes, ratmouse. It was a short film everybody was showing to everbody else a few years back. Just sixty seconds of a rat, that started behaving like a mouse. Well, it was a hefty piece of rodent genius, I can tell you. Who’d have thought it, a rat behaving like a mouse. He was twitching his whiskers and accepting cheese. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  9. Uni Verse says:

    how did the hawk chick got into eagle’s nest in the first place? Waiting for the prequel of this video.

  10. Suzanne LeBizarre says:

    It makes one wonder about when the eagles return…will they recognize the hawk they raised, or will they be its enemy…since normally they are…

  11. RaYmOnDrOiD says:

    Once Spunky learns he’s actually hawk, he’ll lead his fellow Hawks through an exodus away from the ruling Eagles.

  12. idriss kebaili says:

    finally something good on trending

  13. PETER PIPER says:

    Don’t leave us hanging
    Nat Geo

  14. Rodney Gerard says:

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  15. Kun Feng says:

    Should put a tracker on that guy, it would be interesting to see whether or not the hawk will follow the eagles in the migration or not. Chances are probably low, but so was his chance for survival in the first place

  16. Bully380 says:

    Hm I wonder if he will migrate with eagles

  17. Rapsoda says:


  18. Joel Rodriguez says:

    Eagles eat birds. Cannabilism? Depressing?

  19. Nature's Child says:

    I wonder if Americans know what spunk means… lol.

  20. Everton Peterson says:

    When you migrate to the US in before being born

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