Hawkeye Fans Wave to UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital

Hawkeye Fans Wave to UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital

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[Iowa Football Fans Wave to UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital 9-2-17]
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20 Responses

  1. Nicole Walton says:

    Awww that’s a sweet new tradition!

  2. 81silvermj says:

    Build an entertainment complex in good view from a children’s hospital. Now someone thought outside the box, well done 👌🏻

  3. Wow Lizzy says:

    Heartwarming ❤️

  4. Jonathan c says:

    Very cool idea. I bet i makes those kids day.

  5. dragon501h says:

    I thought they where talking about marvels hawkeye

  6. Mr. Plinkett says:

    Where’s Bane?

  7. Cave Johnson recordings says:

    Very nice

  8. Andrew Leonard says:

    My 3 year old boy spent three weeks in the ICU at UI hospital. They are hands down the best. Just wow. Thank you for everything! Always a Hawkeye.

  9. Highlander_08 says:

    “Why is this trending it only has like a thousand views?”
    Better question, Why SHOULDN’T this be trending?
    It’s a great clip of a brand new children’s hospital that will undoubtedly save lives and fans cheering and waving at sick kids.
    As of this posting, a Taylor Swift song is #1 on trending. Apparently thats where people place their priorities. No offense Swift fans, but making kids happy and healthy is a bit more important in my book.

  10. Matt Jasa says:

    So how are you feeling today Billy? Well 10,000 people just waved at me, so pretty good +D

  11. HAWK NATION says:

    Iowa fans are the best fans!

  12. IM HYM says:

    I love people from Iowa. from ny with love

  13. Kuroi Ryū says:

    At first I thought, “Yeah! This is a great idea!” But as someone who’s been in and out of children hospitals, I would hate having a stadium outside my window. Because that’s 10,000+ people who are having a better time than me. And for some people that can be encouraging, you get your own free tickets to a game but then what? What happens when there isn’t a game? In my opinion, I would much rather stare at the sigh and imagine something rather than watching a game I don’t understand with a bunch of people who are enjoying themselves.

    Yes, each to their own. The gesture these people are doing isn’t bad at all, they are showing kindness to the children who are forced to remain in bed, sick and suffering. But beyond that point, they are still suffering. It’s a moment of light in a dark time for them, which is nice, but I feel like, or at least in my case, having a bunch of drunken fools next door would only remind me of my limits. But maybe I’m just a downer lol but besides anything, I really hope that all the children in there recover soon from whatever they may have.

  14. Celi Pop says:

    Man, I can’t image my life spent being negative about everything. Some of you need to shut up and let people enjoy this sweet moment instead of complaining.

  15. Hans78 says:

    God Bless the UI Childrens hospital! I was at this game and could see the kids up in the windows all waving and smiling with big GO HAWKS! Posters and FLOOR 10!! signs as if they have pride in their floor at the hospital. I literally could see this making their day. So I will just ignore all u negative people trying to throw shade on this nice thing the University and fans have started. It was a special feeling and a great moment.

  16. Ajax Mc Boris says:

    Actually got to tour the hospital and see the field the view is amazing

  17. Spencer Honda says:

    Well I didn’t that expect that awkward silence tho

  18. Roy Gabay says:

    No offense but wrong football…. American football is so boring should be a “soccer” field. BRB I have a headache gonna beat up my wife;)

  19. Danielle Tang says:

    To those of you saying you hate Iowa: growing up in Iowa City, I’ve realized this area is in stark contrast to the mostly rural rest of Iowa–and that’s not to say that the majority of Iowa is bad, but if you are someone who thinks it’s bad, then I may have some points to convince you that IC is not.
    For one, it was the third city in the world to be selected as a UNESCO city of literature (the only one in the US thus far), and the University is famous for hosting its writer’s workshop, bringing in emerging writers and experienced authors alike.
    As Iowa is the first state to caucus during election years, residents of Iowa City get the special opportunity to hear many politicians from all over the political spectrum speak. I volunteered for a campaign this past election, and I was able to meet candidates, senators, and other important figures–sometimes at small venues such as a person’s home, other times in large auditoriums like the newly constructed Hancher Auditorium that hosted Bernie Sanders just last week.
    Iowa City also boasts one of the best school districts in the state, where test scores are higher than the national average and the Iowa average. As a recently graduated high school student, students from my graduating class alone were accepted into each of the Ivy League schools, Stanford, and many other notable institutions. And we’re not even the best high school in the city.
    Lastly, the UI Hospital has one of the top Children’s Hospitals in the country. The new Stead Family Hospital is an update that just opened its doors this year I believe. The hospital as a whole is the only nationally ranked hospital in Iowa.
    Although sometimes the city feels small, from Friday night jazz in the streets of downtown to football games on Saturdays, there’s usually something with which to keep busy. It’s safe, friendly, and inclusive. As I continue to college out of state, I’ll definitely bring fond memories of my hometown with me, and I hope I’ve shared some of them with you.

  20. Sarah K says:

    Proud to be a Hawkeye fan 💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤

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