HAZBIN HOTEL -(CLIP)- “Something Rotten”

HAZBIN HOTEL -(CLIP)- “Something Rotten”

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BOARDED BY: June VanOtterdyk
So sorry for missing the ‘r’ Fairy!

Sir Pentious certainly thinks he is a wicked and powerful demon overlord, but that doesn’t make it true. There are plenty of others just egg-static to mess with him!

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Huge additional thanks to the incredible team helping me make this happen and their incredible talents making my crazy characters look good! They worked so incredibly hard, determined to get this doof out in time for our goal of Christmas day! Without their extra effort this little gift wouldn’t be here for everyone to enjoy! I owe them so much!

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68 Responses

  1. Boop Animates says:


    XD im dead

  2. Pama Exe says:

    He kinda looks like Black Hat xD

  3. Christina Jindra says:

    Did anyone else find his Hat adorable when It changed epressions XD????

  4. Embris The Fire Fox Loves Ink Sans says:

    Ahhhh, nothing but a good brand new hazbin hotel clip to wake up to.

  5. Swirlli says:

    Wait, is he voiced by Will Stamper HIMSELF?!
    The guy from Battleblock Theater?!!!

  6. LuckyTheWolf says:

    This guy is like the gag villain that we end up loving cause he tries so hard to be the bad guy but fails.

    • Finn Baartse says:

      Ice king 2.0

    • The Otaku Dragon Slayer says:

      +Frankciscophil I wonder if there are any anti heroes in Hell. Technically even though those guys do the “right thing” by going about it the “wrong way” I can still see most Anti Heroes ending up in hell

    • The Otaku Dragon Slayer says:

      +LuckyTheWolf I feel like his overconfidence is somewhat warranted given the fact that he seems to be doing a decent job. Besides that the only reason why he will fail seems to be because the competition he has is actually a legitimate threat

    • Nora Diamond DeMayo Lol says:


    • mr mc crunchy McDonald says:

      +Frankciscophil Where did it say he conquered other regions of hell?(Not being rude)

  7. Ocareening says:

    Out of curiosity, what’s with VivziePop and drawing shirts with X’s over the breasts? I see it a lot in both Hazbin and some of her other projects.

    • The Unknown Specimen says:

      Nicole Castaneda don’t think it’s a breast cancer thing, I feel like it’s a sex related reason

    • electrobob992 says:

      Oh, oh I know!!! Because some female entertainers, i.e strippers sometimes use tape to cover up their private areas and nipples, mainly in times where they only wear said tape *Basically naked aside from the tape*. But since this is youtube, she probably can’t do that so she put the x over shirts instead.

    • Krusty Krab says:

      +electrobob992 pretty sure it’s just a thing she likes to do to make clothes more interesting

    • puzzlinggamer says:

      I figured it is because they are technically dead. You know the old cartoon troupe of X eyes when they die. That will be my guess.

    • The Unknown Specimen says:

      electrobob992 that must mean cherry bomb is a stripper, or something like that

  8. SuperWiiBros08 says:

    Holy shit Will Stamper and Joe Gran!?

  9. Ryuk The Darkrai says:

    Me: *Sleeping in bed

    Viz: *Uploads


    (I know it’s a late comment but hhhhh)

  10. pinkfeiry says:

    Is everyone fighting over territory in hell?

  11. Brandon Woods says:

    I love to hate sir pentious’ voice! It’s perfect for the character. Reminds me of a Bond villain mixed with the most cartoony of bad guys. Blah blah blah…….TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!

  12. Sotsu says:

    “I wish he’d shoot me with his ray gun..”

  13. Fangirl Master says:

    Is it just me or does Sir Pentiois look similar to Black Hat from Villainous? PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one who thinks this!

  14. TMNTlover152 :3 [Timber] says:

    Surprised how nobody is talking about how adorable the Egg Boiz were just bouncing and wandering around at the beginning of the video, that was just adorable XD

  15. SiliconeEye says:

    After seeing this, I can now say goodbye to 2018…. And SAY HELLO TO 2019 HAZBIN HOTEL!!!

  16. DoggoTheWolfu says:

    Damn, that’s some fabulous hair

  17. Stygian Diabolis says:

    Imagine if Cherri Bomb said “How does the rainbow taste, biatch?” Whilst he was choking.

  18. Chaotic-Fandoms trash says:

    I’m obsessed with this not even gonna lie

  19. Roasting Ghosts says:

    We’ve literally just been introduced to this character and he’s already my favorite

  20. Nice Gator says:

    Seriously, stop making every major demon hot please

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