HBO NOW: Take My Money, HBO

HBO NOW: Take My Money, HBO

In 2012, Jake Caputo launched, asking fans to tweet the price they’d pay for a standalone HBO streaming service.

With the help of The Sopranos’ Paulie “Walnuts” Gualtieri and Salvatore “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero, HBO introduces Jake to HBO NOW, the new standalone streaming service.

Now all you need is the internet. HBO NOW is now available on your favorite Apple devices. Start your free trial today: Visit Jake Caputo’s original site:

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20 Responses

  1. okrajoe says:

    So now, are all those people gonna pay up and subscribe?

  2. blackelk7373 says:

    hahahahah did he post it on the tweeter? my boy Paulie Walnuts!!!!!!!!!!

  3. elms | digital + marketing says:

    In 2012, Jake Caputo started a campaign for HBO to take his money and
    demanded a stand-alone service. Yesterday HBO NOW launched and HBO sent
    some of their guys around to collect.


  4. Robin Burks says:

    I can’t give HBO my money without buying an Apple device. In other words,

  5. lanlodger says:

    Missing one person..

  6. Dimitri Bitu says:

    oh how I miss Sopranos!!!!!

  7. Will Harahan says:

    Paulie says “tweetuh” just like Mike Francesa.

  8. Sucka3Boss says:

    le reddit army does it again.

    you peasants would be lost without us.

    Thank me in mountain dew.

  9. 55JVL says:

    Okay, now I’m gonna have to watch the entire Sopranos series again.

  10. blackknightdl says:

    Not On Android, Forget About it 

  11. LusoTuber says:

    “Is that contagious?”

    So good to see Paulie again.

  12. blake32griffinfan says:

    sad that tony couldn’t make it, RIP James

  13. Deejay Ali G says:

    Paulie and Pussy…. #RIPJAMESGANDOLFINI almost cried.

  14. Sami Riget says:

    “Is that contagious?”

    Paulie, you are my hero.

  15. Danilo Stojkovic says:

    Paullie is still bad ass…

  16. flyingh3adhigh says:

    1 dislike from a Showtime exec.

  17. Ben Mizzi says:

    Hurry up and release in Australia already!!!

  18. LiTTleGaBi21 says:

    “If he gets sleepy, it’s good night Jacky.”
    Oh Paulie, how I missed you!

    All you need is internet to get HBO GO…and live in the freaking U.S.

  19. kevin coots says:

    So is there never going to be an app for playstation or xbox?

  20. Scwurt says:

    Wait, HBO is a subsidiary of Time Warner, but I cannot subscribe to HBO Now
    through Time Warner? I can only subscribe through an Apple device or
    through Cablevision Optimum? What’s wrong with this picture? Why does this
    type of internet streaming service need to be so complicated and limited?
    Let’s all just kiss net neutrality goodbye now.