Helio Castroneves Indianapolis Motor Speedway Incident May 13

Helio Castroneves Indianapolis Motor Speedway Incident May 13

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20 Responses

  1. Mauricio Friedrich says:

    Arabian double front somersaults in laid-out position by Helio Castroneves.

  2. Keny30 says:

    Kinda crazy how as soon as he lost control he had to let go of the wheel or
    else it might snap his wrists….

  3. Racebook says:

    #indycar La moindre erreur ne pardonne pas, surtout à Indianapolis !

  4. Jonathan Seyghal says:

    We.. have.. lift-off!

  5. Rene “Kris” Hourian says:

    I’m just a spectator and a lil poo came out. Also those quick reflexes to
    take his hands off the wheel.

  6. Michael Sueur says:

    Ça c’est du sport 

  7. Petroleumalley O.O says:

    The Indy 500 yards.

  8. Benoît Etienne says:

    he is a lucky guy! the crash could have been WAY harder…

  9. Abdu Mad says:

    Hardcore parkour !

  10. Franc Coenen says:

    Ongelooflijk. De coureur stapt uit en loopt gewoon weg. Alhoewel gewoon….

  11. dora dounai (どら・道内 ドライブ投稿) says:


  12. Joe Fair says:

    Looking forward to a good race this year. Saw my first last year and my
    daughter will see her first this year.

  13. cengeb says:

    Bugatti Veyrons stay on the ground at 264 mph, these things are not well
    designed…Get VW to design stuff the right way for high speed use

  14. Douglas Aguilar says:

    Caraiooo ainda bem que esses carros sao seguros fora a equipe de socorro
    que bom menos mau saiu de boaaa:-)

  15. apb38 says:

    It’s insane to think that that one little pivot was enough to do all of
    that. Dang.

  16. Maykon Viana says:


  17. Brent Jatko says:

    Note that he takes his hands off the wheel and as far away as he can get
    them at around 0.:35 to avoid injury. Good practice.

  18. Jeremy Leclerc says:

    Tous simplement SPECTACULAIRE !!
    Helio Castroneves Indianapolis Motor Speedway

    #Crash #Indianapolis #Castroneves #Cars