Hello – Adele (cover)

Hello – Adele (cover)

Here’s my cover of ‘Hello’ by Adele. It’s Adele’s new song, I tried to learn it and upload as quickly as possible.. This was the first take! Sorry if it’s a little rough! I hope you like it!

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20 Responses

  1. xbelseajo says:


  2. Dalila Cabrieles says:

    holy shit. this almost brought me to tears, you are incredibly amazing.
    this is absolutely incredible.

  3. nick hood says:

    An extremely talented fellow. I am fortunate enough to of met you!

  4. Farida Ahmed says:


  5. kilam D. says:

    This is the first video i am seeing from you, subbed! such a talent!

  6. Anique G says:

    Incredible!!! Such talent!!!!!

  7. Daniela Flores says:

    +Doug Panton im really glad i stumbled onto this video. You are really
    awesome and inspiring

  8. Bella Lapa says:

    I am so speechless. You’re incredible!!!

  9. Crystal Diamond says:

    Soooo good. Nearly better than the orginal! Love it. x

  10. Toni Harrison says:

    Brilliant! This needs more views!

  11. Yasmin F. says:

    Amazing voice

  12. TheTwillebillie says:

    absolutely fantastic !

  13. Candy Harrison says:

    You’re Awesome… You have a very real and unique voice.. I hope this opens
    a lot of opportunities for you and your music

  14. Harmon says:

    Omfg this is so amazing I fell in love

  15. Gwendal Beaulieu says:

    Wow ! Amazing cover, your voice is beautiful !?

  16. Brooke Van Dusen says:

    You should seriously try out for the voice next year ? AMAZING.

  17. TaniaBoreMusic says:

    Hey Doug! Great voice it’s absolutely beautiful! Quick question: what mic
    are you using? I’d like to upgrade to a really nice condenser.:)

  18. May' Z says:

    Your cover left me breathless.. Your voice is beyond beautiful and then
    with piano just top ✨?

  19. MakeupLushArtistry says:

    Beautiful voice fr fr!

  20. laura says:

    your voice is really something else. truly captivating.