Hello, Jack Black Here.

Hello, Jack Black Here.

I am proud to announce the launch of my new channel “Jablinski”

This channel will have games, food, and life.

Shot, Directed, and edited by https://www.instagram.com/pappasharks/?hl=en

Jack black Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jackblack/?hl=en

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77 Responses

  1. Wat Hat says:

    This is the Greatest and Best Youtube Channel in the World…

  2. Catherine Hogan says:

    This is fucking epic!!!!! You should play brutal legend!

  3. ChucklesDone says:

    In before the first million subs. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Nicolette And Friends says:

    I named my cat after you

  5. Jablinski Games says:

    I just want to clarify that there is no production behind this. this is all my son. He’s holding me hostage and I can’t be tracer. help…

  6. Something Sort Of Original says:

    this video made my cry im literally shaking right now

  7. Failboat says:

    This is the best reality

  8. Dabrick Levin says:

    The chief called. This IS it

  9. Cyranek says:

    tenacious mlg

  10. The American Imperialisst says:

    When are you releasing the next Kung Fu Panda movie

  11. Slush says:

    You gotta love how on point this already is. He has the Pewdiepie chair and megalovania cover in this video, demonstrating his understanding of YouTube/Internet culture (shoutouts to his sons?) and he has the awkward Tim and Eric style pauses.


  12. Balenaproductions says:

    Oh boy this is gonna be great! I’d love to see you play King Kong 2005!

  13. Mopolo says:

    I don’t mind seeing you on YouTube rewind 2019

  14. Beef Stew says:

    Maybe you should play Bookworm Adventures Deluxe on this channel.

  15. Mammuel 128 says:

    Hey Jack ever heard the cult classic song “Ram Ranch”? If not I’d highly recommend it

  16. TL says:

    i can’t tell if jack black is the one celebrity that actually gets us or if he’s another will smith
    i sincerely hope it’s the former

  17. Twine Cheeks says:

    This is gonna be epic let’s go! I put notifications on!!!!

  18. Jakob Fife says:

    You seem like a man who’d enjoy doom or the halo games

  19. Just A Dio Who's A Hero For Fun says:

    This video is so powerful, I’m holding back tears

  20. Depression Session says:

    You should play Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga to get it over with before _they_ come.

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