Here’s What I Found When I Removed My Cheap Ferrari’s Burnt Engine

Here’s What I Found When I Removed My Cheap Ferrari’s Burnt Engine

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Today I remove the engine from my burnt Ferrari F355 Spider and see how bad the damage really is. As it turns out, pretty bad.

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67 Responses

  1. The Gr8 says:

    Don’t let Parker drive this one

    • Tom says:

      He won’t be driving it ever cus this car probably won’t EVER be back on the road.

    • Alexander Stenhaug says:

      Why the fuck do you blame parker? It’s just extremely bad timing that he had the car when the fuel line got ripped apart by a hose clamp… It’s a very common issue, and as Tavarish told us, its very common to move the hoseclamp in another direction. How would you feel if you burnt down your friends car, and you just knew you couldn’t have done anything to not make it happen…

    • CaliPinoy Pride says:

      It was a accident, can u Parker. It was just a bad time for the car and him. How would Parker break it, did he crash it, NO. He was driving it and it happend.

    • Chad Strumb says:

      Parker was ripping it up in that car. This car is a classic, he can’t drive it like the modern day super cars. #blameparker

    • watchingitallhere says:

      I bet Parker will get to drive it and that will be its own vid.

  2. LintKid says:

    FREEDY, please wear some kind of respirator. All that burnt material is extremely toxic.

  3. Chino Diaz says:

    Drain water. Add brakr fluid and diesel fuel. Let it seat a few days then try to turn the engine. It should be good. Done a few engine same water

    • Muskoka Mike says:

      Go over to Mustie’s channel. He frees up seized engines all the time with “magic oil” (I even think it’s a brand name). He does exactly that: takes out the plugs, puts in some magic oil, let it sit for a while, then turns it over.

      I don’t even think this one will be seized. It’s only been a couple of months and only a minimal amount of water would have gotten in.

    • Wolfman's Garage says:

      +Muskoka Mike marvel mystery oil

    • Jonathan Staley says:

      Agreed. My dad used to free up Boat Engines that had been submerged in sea water using diesel. It’s quite amazing how well it works!

    • Chino Diaz says:

      +Jonathan Staley credit to me lol lol..

    • Muskoka Mike says:

      +Wolfman’s Garage yeah that’s it!

  4. Ed says:

    solomondrin has a Mclearen Senna for super cheap

  5. Kie says:

    Please diesel the Ferrari, the hater build must happen!

  6. Zx10 Mc says:

    Thought you where gonna do the Supra after the Lamborghini?

  7. Metal Gear Moogle says:

    Plz swap something else into this. There is nothing you can do to reduce the cars value now. Might as well decrease total cost and increase parts availability at a lower costs.

  8. peckozzz says:

    Tavarish the type of guy that would say the end of the world wouldn’t be that bad

  9. Abdullah Ghani says:

    What happened to the lambo.when are u going to test drive it

  10. Waisoserious says:

    Are you ever going to finish the SL55???

  11. Rome says:

    Engine doesn’t look that bad… I’ve seen burnt engines come back to life, but you never know until you break it down. Keep investigating bro, this should be a interesting build. Best of luck!

    • Muskoka Mike says:

      bunch of melted plastic…..that’s it.

    • Kaya Schaubloren says:

      Cast iron block wouldn’t even get hurt from fire but engine parts for that engine are expensive af… He has to start finding a salvageable LS already

    • Muskoka Mike says:

      +Kaya Schaubloren yeah, many cast iron blocks could take 10x that heat and just laugh it off but what would happen is if they sprayed water on it, it’d would crack if it was hot enough.

      Yeah, parts might be pricey but I’ve heard about $30K for a used engine….you can buy a LOT of parts for $30K.

  12. Phillip Montalvo says:

    Tavarish you’ve got some titttttieees on ya boyyyyy. ??

  13. Alfred Dorkalam says:

    What you should do is drop an electric motor and some used Tesla batteries in there and make it an all electric car. I bet you will get easily couple of hundred thousand subs and at least million views for an all electric Ferrari. Take it to the track and do a 1/4 mile run in the 11 range. Also probably the 0 to 60 times can get you another million page views.

    My vote go 100% electric

  14. Steve Waller says:

    Respect to you for taking the engine out, bet some ferrari specialists are wincing as they probably charge 20K to do the same job, claiming it requires 12 people and specialist tools.

    • Jasper Janssen says:

      Steve Waller you can’t even fit 12 people around there. They’re probably right about the specialist tools…. *if* you want all those plastic bits to be reusable, which tavatish isn’t really caring about…

    • rkan2 says:

      the hazmat fee would be 20k in itself

  15. KANG Moe says:

    I’m here for all the McLaren Senna comments. Lol

  16. Sel says:

    Freddy, what do you take to be so enthusiastic about a seriously hard core and EXPENSIVE rebuild project like this!? Don’t get me wrong, it makes for excellent TV but I am most impressed by how you can be so positive about this project when it just looks like a friggin nightmare mess! 😉

  17. From The DMV says:

    Tavrish when did you get breast implants

  18. Paul Phillips says:

    Just soak the motor in automatic transmission fluid…I have done this to allot of old motors that have been sitting outside to unfreeze them and it most cases I can get them running. I’m not a professional mechanic or anything I just grew up poor so my dad would drag beater from peoples yards home and we would get them running and either sale them or we would just drive them for many years in some cases.

  19. Michael Penney says:

    I have I missed video of the Lamborghini on the road? The Lamborghini story feels painfully unfinished.

  20. Sarah -n- Tuned says:

    The engineering behind that transaxle setup on the Ferrari is really interesting! I’d like to hear more about it when you get to that point.

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