Here’s Why the McLaren 600LT Is Worth $300,000

Here’s Why the McLaren 600LT Is Worth $300,000



The McLaren 600LT is a high-performance version of a high-performance car. Today I’m reviewing the 600LT to show you around one of the most thrilling cars, and I’m driving the McLaren 600LT to let you know how exciting it really is.

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67 Responses

  1. overlex says:

    You’re going over the speed limit.

    Next video:

    “THIS is my prison bunk mate.
    He doesn’t drop the soap in the shower because government regulations don’t allow warning light on a moving piece of bodywork”

  2. Oshan Wijeratne says:

    Before the video starts I’m thinking, “this is the new Mclaren 600 lt and it is…”

  3. Doctor Poopypantz says:

    Doug is the kind of guy who has to prove in court that the exhaust on his car is OEM

  4. ChronicBagel says:

    Doug is one of the coolest Demuros in the entire car industry

  5. That Dude says:

    Does the fact that the paint and the calipers have a slightly different color annoy anyone else

    • avb.spotter says:

      +venom5809 It’s a customers spec, Customer specs it as he wishes, it gets built that way for the customers needs.

    • Happy Harpy says:

      That Dude I didn’t notice till I read this

    • TraRob-EastSide says:

      Very much

    • C C says:

      Anthony Johnson it’s not sold out.

    • venom5809 says:

      +Anthony Johnson FYI sold out doesn’t always mean sold out, dealers get allocations for cars so technically they are sold even though they are not. Of course when it comes to cars like LaFerraris and so on, sold out, does mean sold out. I will agree with you though this must be a customer car, I’d like to believe no dealership would spec something this horrible.

  6. CupofJoe says:

    Guns it, “you are over the speed limit,” keeps going

  7. Rio says:

    this guy reviews cars now? thought he was a house guy..

  8. StaticImage says:

    “So there we have it. The car designed by me, Doug DeMuro, with all the things I think make a car perfect. I left no stone unturned in my demands for this car and, as such, it is the best car that can ever be made. That being said, I gave it a Doug Score of 74 out of 100”

    • Ben Carbery says:

      Doug’s scoring is actually impressively meaningful and consistent.

      If you want to see ratings that are either 5 out of 5 or 0, I would suggest, say, downloading Uber.

    • Kanan says:

      100 score is impossible if you think about it. It would be a super comfortable car like a S class but sized like a SUV or bigger and still super fast and good looking – impossible ?

  9. Dylan Keenan says:

    3:01 “Porn honk”

  10. tommy d u b b s says:

    That warning label isn’t cool Doug you’re just odd

  11. tommy d u b b s says:

    Who really goes to the track in their McLaren… Is there a garage mode? Cuz that’s what it will do 95% of the time

  12. tommy d u b b s says:

    A McLaren is telling you that you are speeding.. who put that feature in

  13. PuppyMonkeyBaby says:

    In Other Word: Here’s Why You Can’t Afford The McLaren 600LT

    Oh Yeah Oh Yeah

  14. CJ White says:

    Woah has anyone ever told you that you look *EXACTLY* like the dude who reviews houses??!

  15. John Doe says:

    Doug is the type of guy who gives his tinder dates a Doug Score

  16. CamoSquid21YT says:

    I like how the back up camera is in the diffuser

  17. Ritwik Sharma says:

    15:12 Doesn’t the rainwater can effect this exhaust placement ?

  18. Melanie Sandoval says:

    For some reason I feel like the door design looks dated

  19. Dave Anderson says:

    Oh Doug .. @6:05 how is the “taint cooling seat hole” not a noteworthy quirk or feature … how the mighty have been desensitized 🙂

  20. EdVentures says:

    It’s so awesome to see realtors get into cars you get the best of both worlds, homes and now cars. ?

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