Hermitcraft 8: 5 – I built a TEGG BASE

Hermitcraft 8: 5 – I built a TEGG BASE

Hermitcraft 8: 5 – I built a TEGG BASE
Grian’s new game TEGG is in full force on the HermitCraft server, however, Grian decided that Etho and Iskall should not be in a team, and iskall there for decides to build a brand new minecraft base, a TEGG base to be more specific

Hermitcraft Season 8 SEED: -7381235180058670651

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35 Responses

  1. Quinn Sleep says:

    You could have made a axe pun and called your axe axe-eptable.

  2. iskall85 says:

    Hope you all enjoy our TEGG BASE of doom 😛 For those of you interested in more base building and vaulting, ill be streaming Vault Hunters now at my twitch channel, come say HALLO! https://www.twitch.tv/iskall85

  3. ad4mb_2004 says:

    “etho doesn’t like stripped oak, which I don’t care about because this, this house is my house.”

    Why can I imagine etho building his own house out of diorite.

  4. Uli Schmidt says:

    there should be a rare “timber” enchantment

  5. Grosser says:

    Iskall: *Calls an enchanted diamond shovel ‘adequate’*
    Bdubs: *Uses wooden shovels and has the time of his life*

  6. minion 0470 says:

    Iskall: “worst mob in minecraft”
    Phantom: “allow me to introduce myself”

  7. Zlightningking says:

    The Mumbo sign looks like he’s just gotten the snot beat out of him.

  8. m1lan says:

    Imagine trying to find the egg in Etho’s season 7 Hermitcraft base

  9. Andrew Stalboerger says:

    “Now, I would walk around in the rain and be sad about this, but there is no rain.” -Iskall 2021

  10. Blended says:

    Mumbo: creates a ikea style shop with its own website that teaches you how to make complicated redstone mechanisms and the blocks to do it

    Cubfan: free slime

    Who made more diamonds?

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