Hi I’m Poppy Oh

Hi I’m Poppy Oh

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/poppy
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/poppy
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/impoppy
Web: https://poppy.wun.io/store
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/Poppy


01/31/19 Washington, DC

02/01/19 Philadelphia, PA

02/02/19 New York, New York

02/04/19 Boston, Massachusetts

02/06/19 Toronto, Ontario

02/07/19 Detroit, Michigan

02/08/19 Chicago, Illinois

02/09/19 Pittsburgh, PA

02/11/19 Nashville, Tennessee

02/12/19 Atlanta, Georgia

02/13/19 Tampa, Florida

02/15/19 Dallas, Texas

02/16/19 Austin, Texas

02/18/19 Aspen, Colorado

02/19/19 Englewood, Colorado

02/21/19 Seattle, Washington

02/22/19 Portland, Oregon

02/23/19 Chico, California

02/24/19 San Francisco, California

02/27/19 San Diego, California

Directed by: Titanic Sinclair

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45 Responses

  1. maria.church says:

    0:09 When I try to start a conversation with someone.

  2. Danica DeCosto says:

    You’re Poppy? I thought you were Sailor Moon. Your hair looks Sailor Moonish you know.

  3. Гитаркин says:

    I love her.

  4. Shadow Client says:

    Time to pack my clothes and leave Earth (:

  5. Charlie R says:

    Her outfit reminds me of britney spears circa 2000

  6. Osiel Escalante says:

    me rehearsing how I’m going to introduce myself

  7. One Thirty says:

    I get that you’re Poppy….

    ….but are you subscribed to PewDiePie yet?

  8. Miranda Keigher says:

    To everyone saying she’s too skinny: I’m pretty sure those are muscles, not ribs. Also her arms are just not that muscular. She’s a pretty healthy weight. I don’t think negative youtube comments would help if that were the case, though. Usually if people have eating disorders any kind of criticism, polite or not, won’t have a positive affect unless it’s coming from a trusted friend or family member. Just a thought 🙂 All hail Poppy

  9. Ezekiel Stowers says:

    I think she’s realising poppy is dying out

  10. ShimmerGacha says:

    The world is ending.


  11. An angel With courage says:

    *When did my life come to watching Poppy videos*

  12. Bob Sacamano says:

    poppy needs to eat a meal once in a while

  13. Alonso VPR says:

    How the hell is this viral?

  14. Jarrydisme says:

    If I start seeing reaction videos to this I’m going to shoot myself in the head

  15. Laughing Mouth says:

    Oh geez. Not another 38 seconds of my life wasted.

  16. x s a r c a s m x says:

    Girl you can’t brainwash us lmao

  17. keenan mahatari says:

    It is on trending?! What’s wrong with youtube?!

  18. Flaco says:

    wait, sorry but what was your name again?

  19. Angelo Perrone says:

    The people on the YouTube staff are autistic for putting this on trending

  20. Fortnite Wolf says:

    My question is how is this trending

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