Hicks’ catch ends wild 14-12 victory in 10th | Yankees-Twins Game Highlights 7/23/19

Hicks’ catch ends wild 14-12 victory in 10th | Yankees-Twins Game Highlights 7/23/19

Aaron Hicks’ incredible diving catch ended a wild game that saw the Yankees take the lead in the 8th, 9th and 10th innings

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64 Responses

  1. douche mcghee says:

    One of the wildest games I’ve seen in a long time since that yankees vs O’s game a few years back when Matt Holliday walked it off

  2. 阿廷 says:

    The catch by Hicks in 10 inning was awesome!
    That’s why we love Yankees!

  3. 스포츠 연구원 says:

    Unbelievable game!!!!!!!!!! It must be one of the best game in this season!!!

  4. kevinjames says:

    where have u gone mariano?

  5. lamakina RR says:

    There’s no doubt, game of the year.

  6. Aaron Fernandez says:

    That catch felt like a walkoff HR

  7. Fatima AL-Enizi says:

    This is definitely the best game of the year, so far. Capped off with an amazing catch, too!! ????

  8. coolvirus315 says:

    Jesus, what…a…game! What a catch by Hicks! One of the most exciting games in a while.

  9. xxmlgyoshi xx says:

    Game of the year this was a lot of fun gg twins ??

  10. Jay Jay says:

    Catch of the year.. Game of the year.. Go Yankees.. Get that belt.

  11. Yankees Fan says:

    I fell asleep when it was 8-2. When I woke up and saw that the Yankees won I thought I was dreaming. And I watched the whole game. It was unbelievable. IMO this was the second best MLB game this year. Behind the Angels no hitter for Tyler Skaggs of course.

  12. Scott Piper says:

    Jorge Polanco is an absolute beast!

  13. David Sheltra says:

    Just like Yogi said “It’s not over til it’s over”!

  14. Mizzoulord13 says:

    Even though the Twins lost, and to the Yankees no less, this was arguably the game of the year. These two answered each other every time and there was a ton of clutch plays. This had the feel of an elimination game. ESPN is going to have a tough act to follow cause they get the rubber match for Wednesday Night Baseball.

  15. Dama Daryl says:

    I went to bed shortly after Sano’s blast which made it 8-2. I wake up to this! Unbelievable, yet not surprising. Damn Yankees.

  16. J.T. says:

    Exciting game but the Twins had a commanding lead that was once again blown by their bullpen.

  17. TIMMY CASH says:

    THIS GAME, was the best Yankee game I have seen in a LOOOONGGGGGG WHILE! WOWWW

  18. The Stuport says:

    WOW…..Pure Excitement…..As the game progresses I’m thinking …”Geez it’s a shame one of these teams is gonna come up short”.

    • davyt0247 says:

      But the Twins and their fans can hold their heads high, they played a heck of a game, not much to be disappointed over

  19. Tim Polidor says:

    As a Twins fan that stayed up until 1:20. I’m disappointed but it was an amazing game

  20. Jimbo Jones says:

    If the Twins get a bullpen . They are deep and scary in the playoffs .

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