Hidden Figures | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

Hidden Figures | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

Watch the new trailer for #HiddenFigures, based on the incredible untold true story. Starring Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer & Janelle Monáe. In theaters this January.

HIDDEN FIGURES is the incredible untold story of Katherine G. Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monáe)—brilliant African-American women working at NASA, who served as the brains behind one of the greatest operations in history: the launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit, a stunning achievement that restored the nation’s confidence, turned around the Space Race, and galvanized the world. The visionary trio crossed all gender and race lines to inspire generations to dream big.

In Theaters – January 13, 2017

Cast: Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monáe, Kevin Costner, Kirsten Dunst, Jim Parsons, Mahershala Ali, Aldis Hodge, and Glen Powell

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Hidden Figures | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

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20 Responses

  1. Earl W. says:

    Very unexpected and welcomed

  2. jcanthony16 says:

    Great story with a great cast. Can’t wait to see it.

  3. tfimperfectangel says:

    I believe they have scored few Oscar nominations already without the
    release of the movie.

  4. Anna Maria says:

    here for this

  5. Dan Quail says:

    Katherine G. Johnson is the whitest black lady that ever lived. Blacks
    twisting history again to feed their poor egos. LOL This lady is not
    African. She is a mixed person.

  6. yerocjr says:

    Looks interesting!!

  7. 0hcatrina says:

    Found myself rooting for the heroines throughout the trailer and that’s how
    I know I’m gonna LOVE this. I only yell about Star Wars trailers but I’m
    EXCITED for this!

  8. Christomane Vilbrun says:

    this movie is such an Oscar bait

  9. Ruth Anderson says:

    “you already got a slice of pie” minnie sure did have a slice of pie…..

  10. alexa johnson says:


  11. Michael Weston says:

    Looking forward to seeing this!!!!

  12. Potatogirl 95 says:

    My favorite part is when she goes from little girl to grown woman

  13. Jeris JC Miller says:

    I am very proud that I shot the Orion Journey to Mars First Test Launch in
    augmented reality at Kennedy Space Center / Cape Canaveral Launchpad 49.

    **We Need This Film!!**

  14. Keesha Westry says:

    So looking forward to seeing this!

  15. Queen Zineb says:

    I was at 40k views

  16. Devin Belin says:

    2:52 oooooooh guuuuurl

  17. Finlay Norris says:

    More SJW pandering dross. People weren’t as sexist, homophobic, racist,
    insert more buzzwords here in the 60s as the left would have you believe,
    there were probably as many legitimate racists back then as now, definitely
    less sexists then than now thanks to feminism overshooting equality, and
    the social climate wasn’t infinitely more hostile to women, blacks etc.

    I mean, there were women in Churchill’s war office for ficks sake.

    I have no doubt it was a struggle for black women to have roles at NASA
    that were not easily replaceable, but it wasn’t easy for anyone. Had they
    been white men, it wouldn’t have been all that much easier. Stereotypes
    exist for a reason, they have their grounds in reality, black people are
    and were less educated than whites due to them sticking together, resulting
    in ghettos, they were taught by other uneducated blacks, black women were
    and are often busy bringing up the kids that loser non commital black men
    bring into this world. This “oppression” was mostly due to organic
    circumstances, not white men consciously trying to keep them down. These
    women got in by merit, so thats rather the opposite to discrimination if
    any kind such as quotas etc.

    The line about that woman who woukd already be an engineer if she were a
    white man is such bullshit, you would still need to be skilled, perform
    well academically ( engineers dont really need any qualifications, it is a
    quality and skill one possesses, like being strong or singing well, but by
    the 60s, especially in organisations like NASA, idiotic beurocrats had made
    it so a logic and basic maths based practical job requires nearly unrelated
    qualifications), you would still need loads of money for collage, which
    most white male potential engineers did not have, then you would need to go
    to collage for years etc. In fact, a black woman at this time could have
    done all this if she put her mind to it and went to collage, just like a
    white man, overcomming some justified prejudice maybe but still. Anyway, if
    everyone was racist and misogynistic, these black gals wouldn’t be
    immortalized a film about them being black women at NASA.

    Just keep in mind that the left’s grubby mits are all over this, and no I’m
    not a woman hating racist, 2 of my friends are black, and my mum is a
    woman, and I haven’t battered her yet, resr easy SJW sheep.

  18. MattCummings says:

    You can tell this film was originally suppose to have three black men, but
    instead they changed it to three black women. Sjw movie lol

  19. Palo Duong says:

    JIM PARSONS !!! ???

  20. Melanoid Child (Purple Ocean) says:

    Hidden Colors…..