HIGH-RISE – Official Trailer #2 (2016) Tom Hiddleston Movie HD

HIGH-RISE – Official Trailer #2 (2016) Tom Hiddleston Movie HD

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20 Responses

  1. Osama Bin Laden says:

    whoa WHAT?? they didn’t tell HALF THE PLOT???? THIS MOVIES GONNA BE SHIIIIT

  2. Chuckie Abellard says:

    this seems like BioShock

  3. Nicolas Handfield says:

    Ballard, Jeremy Irons, Shivers, Brian O’Blivion hommage… so Cronenberg!

  4. Santi DFC says:

    Oh, I saw this at Sitges. Weird movie. Dragged for too long imo. It was
    decent tho.

  5. Jese Ramirez says:

    What the heck did I just watch

  6. RawT TirustheVyrus says:


  7. Roger Puzzitiello says:

    What the fuck?

  8. aaronroyce says:

    don’t get what it’s about the trailer is good. Does it look like some kind
    of dystopian world and the high rise is there compound maybe

  9. Zippity Doo-Dah! says:

    How good is my only video?

  10. Omar Gill says:

    Was………was the name changed from English Psycho? :

  11. Jose Gonzalez says:

    his in a coma

  12. eatmysnatchhole says:

    Do you think there should be a limit for how many times a person can watch
    a trailer in 24 hours? If so then I crossed it a loooong time ago.

  13. iPolitely says:

    Anyone else click because of the cumshot thumbnail?

  14. digitalaffect says:

    What a shocker, something realy bad happens…

  15. Charlie Kelly says:

    I swear no one plays the seductive attractive party girl part like Sienna

  16. EaterOfBoners says:

    I may watch this for the soundtrack alone, if Tangerine Dream is any
    indicator of how great the music will be.

  17. real natural says:


  18. stolenbaby2008 says:


  19. Sarah Marshell says:

    that escalated quickly..

  20. Arthur Carmona says:

    At 1:03 when the dudes like “What are you doing in there?”, the other dude
    be like “Just taking a load from a Smurf.”