High School Didn’t Matter At All

High School Didn’t Matter At All

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man Todd won’t stop selling me gas guys its freaking me out

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60 Responses

  1. NakeyJakey says:

    okay guys seriously though Todd is selling so much gas im getting really fucking scared follow me on instagram and twitter for updates on Todd okay-
    feet pics – https://www.instagram.com/jakeychristy
    feet tweets – https://twitter.com/nakeyjakey
    im gonna see him at the reunion in a few years and i think about that every single fucking day of my stupid life

    • Segeric says:

      I just wanted to say you are a huge inspiration for me. I was in a dark place mentally before I discovered your channel and I was even happier when I found your music. It vibes with my soul. Thank you!

    • The Video Game Show says:

      Can we like get a WHAT WOULD YOU SAY IF I TOLD YOU THAT music video?

    • [89thAH] ArmA III:Optre Shenaniganus Maximus says:

      I was already saying all the stuff you said in the video when I was in High School. I’m 19 and I’ve been free of High School for the past year.

    • Flippert 7789 says:

      More bass please

    • Aaron’s Articulate Opinions.mp4 says:

      Goddamn it. From 50k q and a rap to beer in video games to saintlike. I love jakey and my love only grows.

  2. Alternative Hobo says:

    “Picture that entitled kid.”I can’t think of any, maybe I was that kid and now I’m a deadbeat.yeeey

    • Psyfonify says:

      and thus, the redpilled redditlord was born. ben shapiro senpai, please notice me

    • Vox4l says:

      @Psyfonify Stop calling him “Ben” Shapiro. He wasn’t even born “Ben”, he was born Benjamin. I refuse to indulge the delusion he continues to operate under that he should call himself anything other than his birth name. Even if he were to legally change it, his name would be Benjamin. Facts don’t care about your feelings.

  3. Jack Cr says:

    Damn, nothing like this video to hit you with a depression wave on how much you wasted your time in high school being depressed and socially anxious

    • ThrillhouseToTheMax says:

      But high school didn’t matter. You are living now, in the present! Focus on the moment.

    • DABeardedHippy says:

      That shouldnt make you more depressed it should make you want to stop wallowing in your own self pity so that in the future when you look back to now you don’t feel the same way. Obviously its not just that easy but one step at a time.

    • RaTcHeT302 says:

      just tell high school to go away bruv

    • Bob Pickleson says:

      The lack of self awareness rn is astounding. Cuz now you’re wasting _today_ being depressed and self anxious. I have depression, too, man, but take my comment as a wakeup call.

      Listen to Good Old Days by Macklemore (I know stfu and give this one a try; trust me, you need it) and Kesha

  4. Preston Null says:

    In my freshman year of high school, two of my teachers were arrested for having sexual relations with students.

  5. Deivanarley says:

    It’s funny because one of my classmates was in jail for smuggling gas from Venezuela to Colombia, this video feels so personal to me.

  6. Crazy56U says:

    The only real significant event that happened to me in high school was when the bank foreclosed on our house.

  7. Christian Isleyen says:

    I just hit five years on being out of high school so this was perfect timing.

  8. Tomiply says:

    When you remember that you only had a one friend and got bullied for four years every single day. Feels bad, man.

    • RainShott says:

      Try it with 0 friends my dude. But yeah that shit was like prison except with an ipod and mom’s tendies in the evening.

    • Vasya Petrow says:

      Yeah, I guess school doesn’t matter that much, unless it fucks you up mentally for the rest of your life.

    • Ghoat says:

      Yall had it rough bro im sorry

    • mubly snubly says:

      @Ghoat hey will you please notify us in a few years and tell us how well you’re doing? It would be interesting to see

    • Ghoat says:

      mubly snubly Yea if i remember somehow. Right now im kinda directionless and i havent bothered trying to get into college cause i have no confidence in myself academic wise

  9. Quiet Time Gaming says:


    “Why don’t schools teach more mathematics?
    less trigonometry, and more about taxes.
    They at the chalkboard teaching us ass-backwards.
    How about preparing us for life, instead of ‘lab rat’ us?”

    -Big Sean

  10. Ben Lopez says:

    Jake be like: aight pluto aligned with the international space station, time to upload a video

  11. Raiynex says:

    There was a kid that went to my high school that released a bunch of cockroaches in the school to try and close it down for a few days. So I took your advice and I checked out what he was up to.

    Now he sells a lot of hard drugs.

  12. Logan Knox says:

    The only thing that mattered about high school is the piece of paper they hand you at the end of it.

  13. theCrazyJohn11 says:

    When he said he got fingered under the bleachers I remembered why this channel is known for nostalgia trips

  14. Caleb Fenton says:

    You going okay in NYC jakey? Sounds like you’ve had some interactions with the New York Pigeons that affected you in ways you don’t like…

  15. Snipe M.D says:

    1:56 School didn’t teach me that, Parasite Eve did.

  16. Milky Shakester says:

    Absolutely don’t miss high school. Never felt like I was actually myself until I got out of school.

  17. Holger Larsson says:

    I love how Jakey makes himself laugh when he improvises

  18. Sendirian says:

    “the only one that matter is the friends we make along the way”


  19. Reapper says:

    For a random YouTuber/influencer/office worker, yes, high school wouldn’t matter at all, their life was guided more by random chance than anything else. But for an engineer, chemist, medic, mathematician and all those people that jobs push forward society, high school is the first step in education and is one of the most important.

  20. Doofus says:

    i’ll be honest, I graduated 2 years ago and forgot literally everyone IMMEDIATELY.
    like, I wasn’t good with names to begin with, but man.
    I guess my only regret was being too isolated to try new things and make more conversations with people I saw in the halls.

    • _matt_ says:

      Shit, I’m 14 and I’m a mega introvert

    • Poobs says:

      I was pretty social in high school. I made a point to try and spend time with literally hundreds of people that I met throughout middle and high school between sports and my shitty home life. Surprisingly, I have only had a handful of friendships that have lasted the 7 years since we’ve all graduated. Once in a while I’ll run into a classmate who I haven’t seen since literally graduation day and we kind of just smile at each other from across the way but we aren’t really involved in each other’s lives enough to stop and have a talk. Honestly, I’m better friends with some of my coworkers than I ever was with half of the people I knew in high school. Kind of just loops back to the point that most of high school doesn’t matter.

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