HIGHLIGHTS | Canelo Alvarez vs. Avni Yildirim

HIGHLIGHTS | Canelo Alvarez vs. Avni Yildirim

February 27th, 2021 — Canelo Alvarez vs. Avni Yildirim from the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.

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76 Responses

  1. David says:

    Yildirim just showed up to get the money and leave didn’t wanna risk getting completely knocked out

  2. MrJaimesJ says:

    Se acabo la pelea, fui a cagar, y ya estan los highlights 👍

  3. NightSkullMega3 says:

    Looked like just a regular sparring match for canelo.

  4. Blackmantravel says:

    He was literally a punching bag. He was scared the whole fight

  5. thebird135 says:

    This was hard to watch. He’s a legit professional boxer? I wasn’t even throwing any punches. Guess paydays come easy now.

    • Mike Wisozki says:

      I mean understand that if he opened up and tried to throw punches he would’ve gotten hit flush so he was just scared

    • Jorge Negrete says:

      It’s all about laying low until your the number one contender, and then take it like a man🤑🤑🤑🤑

  6. J 20 says:

    “Swing and a miss and canelo gave him the receipt”
    These guys deserve a raise 😂

  7. Johnny S. says:

    Yildirim’s strategy was clear- roll over and cash in

  8. The Logical Man says:

    Canelo was carrying this dude! he could have TKO or KOed him in 2 ROUNDS!
    canelo deserved this light tough now time to get back on the legacy train! billy joe sandars the ducker will be another easy win!!

  9. Thomas Vizcainco says:

    This guy needs to go back to boxing 🥊 school, he’s like the worse boxer a human punching bag is more like it.

    • Eugene Abreut says:

      @Joe Jones you mean how he picked callum smith ring magazine’s world champion before this fight and destroyed him? How he’s got world champion Billy joe Saunders as his next fight? You mean how he’s already said he’s going after undefeated in his prime world champion Plant after bjs. I know where you trying to go. Stop

    • Ricardo Sierra says:

      This was not a fight that should’ve happened he’s clearly way out of canelos skill zone 😬 I can’t believe they would set him up like this..

    • Joe Jones says:

      @Eugene Abreut you obviously are another fan boy lol. So go ahead an convince yourself. Nothing has to be said about the truth lol

    • Bread says:

      @Ricardo Sierra Exactly, they need to give him competition like Benavidez or The Charlo brothers

    • Can't Wheelie Rob says:

      @Joe Jones he was canelos mandatory

  10. Cooking With Eden says:

    Bell rings: “Ding-Ding!!!”
    DZN: “And que the punching ba.. I mean Yildrm!” “ACTION!!!”

  11. Javier Uribe says:

    Canelo needs to chill out, my pizza was just now getting delivered 😭

  12. Andre Devon says:

    “Im going to give you one more round Avni, if I don’t see you working I’m going to stop you.” The gave my man one more second.

  13. r3ktfahdle says:

    They didn’t have to roast him like that at the end 😭😭😂

  14. mumblerapman In Aurora says:

    It’s like they told him “Just throw jabs.”

  15. Cassady Campbell says:

    Didn’t know Dexter started boxing

  16. Juan Salvatierra says:

    Canelo at home before the fight:
    I’m ready, I’m leaving”…
    His gilfriend when Canelo is getting home after the fight: Did u forget something”…

  17. Power Bornfreedom says:

    “The new and improved Avni Yildrim, was just new” 💀💀💀💀💀

  18. Blu Cheez says:

    Yildirim looked like he could fight..
    Shows how someone could look so tough but won’t put up a fight

  19. Jr Flores says:

    Yildrim’s, career is over with after that fight. Did he get enough money to go out like that…..?

  20. Anthony Eadicicco says:

    “Canelo hits heavy bag on PPV” should’ve been the title

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