HIGHLIGHTS | Canelo Alvarez vs. Daniel Jacobs

HIGHLIGHTS | Canelo Alvarez vs. Daniel Jacobs

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87 Responses

  1. Clifton Rainey says:

    I always said it. Since Canelo fought Floyd. He is a better version Mexican fighter…..!!!!!

    • Salvador De la rosa says:

      Familia G I totally agree with you ??

    • John Bencomo says:

      +Fried Motherboards lol Canelo would not fight like this in a floyd rematch he would walk him down and destroy him this ain’t the 23ye old Canelo..

    • Victor Saucedo says:

      @Clifton Rainey you must be new here. Canelo is a square. He doesnt even come close to being as good as the likes of Salvador Sanchez, Erick Morales, Juan Manuel Marquez. Now that is a real Mexican boxer.

    • ???????? says:

      Except when he fights his daddy Lara ????????

    • ZebraCakez says:

      Luis _____ i aint never seen that shit wtf lol

  2. IlIlIlIlIl- - says:

    We knew who was going to win

  3. Nunya .Bidness says:

    The bigger Jacobs was too conservative and defensive minded through most of the rounds. Canelo, clear winner here.

    • John Bencomo says:

      +GeneralBloodShed tell me when a black fighter knocked out a Mexican fighter without snacking him after the bell ???? I’ll tell you Mexicans fighters who knocked out black fighters..

    • Bobby Kimble says:


    • Catsir King says:

      bluemagicstick nahh bruh you’re the racist everyone agrees. Now go cry about racism when you’re the cause of your own problems. We get it you though you had a monopoly on violence, but you don’t there are smarter better athletes that don’t care about skin color. They aren’t insecure like you where if a black persona loses all of a sudden it’s racism. Boyyy racism didn’t put in gloves and knot Jacobs face canelo did that.

    • John Bencomo says:

      +bluemagicstick Mayweather the one who lost to Castillo and would get his brains rattled in a rematch floyd can’t handle middleweight power

    • Marcos Ballesteros says:

      Boxing not running

  4. JAMES RIVERA says:

    Dazn the real champion for coming with 8 mins highlights in just a few hours ??

    • David David says:

      eeekay nine you have Mario as your pfp….stfu and stick to playing your shitty games because what I read from your comment shows that you are one of the stupidest people in the world ??‍♂️

    • Jose Perez says:

      +eeekay nine negro please. You are uneducated, lazy, and retarded. Your culture is garbage and so are your neighborhoods. Go stand in the corner all day selling and doing drugs, Since your people never have nothing better to do.

    • Conker says:

      Damn next fight I’ll subscribe and the next…

    • Tony Guzman says:

      JAMES RIVERA hells to the yells!

    • Raymundo Gonzalez says:


  5. Ben Reid says:

    Canelo is soo technical!!! I love watching him fight

  6. C Torres says:

    Canelo and Jacobs both look good. Canelo seems to be developing more and more every time we see him physically and mentally.

  7. Brick Brick says:

    Canelo is the only fighter I know who is making major progress every time he fights its shocking.

  8. Abraham Lincoln says:


    # Team Canelo ??????????????

    • Jose Perez says:

      +Black Dontae We live way better than black people. Stay in your “hood” dealing drugs and not working. Your culture is garbage.

    • Jose Perez says:

      +Elroy Jefferson move on buddy. Im sure you are one of those negros who dont work and deal drugs. Your culture is garbage.

    • Niggar Family says:

      C R floyd is a fossil he will shatter his hip if ge steps into a ring again

    • ツFlixks says:

      Covector I don’t think not one expected the fight to be a brawl but in plus the fight was just beauty clearly you don’t watch enough boxing

    • Mario Rendon says:

      +Black Dontae Duran isn’t even mexican you dumbass lol. We got Julio Cesar Chavez though that went like 1020406707-0

  9. T Dat says:

    Jacobs has to prove he can beat a big time ppv fighter . He always does too much too late.

    Canelo did great. Jacobs was the bigger longer guy but Canelo got in and did his stuff

    • the truth says:

      I really thought Jacob was going to hurt him he was bigger and stronger and he’s a good fighter I don’t understand what happened

    • George Rojas says:

      PPV??? I thought PPV was dead ?

    • Robert Suggs says:

      He clearly just didn’t let his hands go.
      Taking nothing away from Canelo, but Jacobs pulled a Broner. He may not get another shot…smh

    • Alex Hernandez says:

      Robert Suggs bigger, stonger, longer & still got whooped ?? ?

    • Open Case says:

      Robert Suggs the truth is canelo was too sharp and too slipper the first half of the fight. Jacobs only started to look good when canelo began to tire as he always does. Jacobs has the best stamina at middleweight which is why he wins the second half of the fight. But both at their best, Canelo is the better fighter period.

  10. theforce10001 says:

    I can’t believe that the Charlo sisters pretend to believe that they’re ready to step in the ring with Canelo.
    Dumb mutherfuckers

  11. Crab Out The Bucket says:

    Good fight I think Canelo learned a ton from that mayweather Loss and has been dominating even better ever since

  12. Tumzyy says:

    Did anyone see CANELO dodge every punch in the 2nd and 3rd round?!?

    • King L says:

      Andre lol canelo would crush Crawford

    • Marcos Arreguin says:

      Lark Da Dark bro maywather ain’t shit no knock outs at all I know I hit harder that punk ass running bitch

    • Fear resides within us. says:

      +twotwocold Jacobs threw more punches than Canelo did (Jacobs 649, Canelo 466), and missed almost 200 more.

    • Jose Perez says:

      +Andre i did it to add something. Keep living in your ugly neighborhoods full of drug dealers and lazy negros on welfare. Thats why your people live in poverty.

    • W Hickman says:

      Jacobs cuts some of his punches and doesn’t extend and instead of hitting clean big shots he hits at 3/4 power also don’t compare canelo to mayweather. Masweather would never let it fly he would roll and didn’t those punches than counter one to three punches and land All clean as fuck also mayweather is just on another level compared to canelo f outta here.

  13. Honestly Speaking says:

    Respect to jacobs for putin up a good fight, he showed heart

    • the truth says:

      Yeah he did he didn’t let Canelo just run over him he has stuck him a few times the best punch landed was by Jacob

    • Robert Suggs says:

      Had he let his hands go, things might’ve been different.

    • LongDongDaddyFromCincinnati says:

      Robert Suggs but he didn’t, so stfu. Y’all love playing hypotheticals when you lose ?

  14. OGhippieD says:

    Win or lose Jacobs did a great job and is a great boxer. Props to canelo too, great fight

    • elpepetorres22 says:

      OGhippieD come on bro Jacobs weighed well over two weight classes for canelo and he still lost he’s a dirty sports man violated all the agreements and still lost canelo number one

    • Jeffrey Escano says:

      elpepetorres22 he was 173.6 while Canelo was 170 when weighed yesterday morning. Ya Danny broke the agreement but remember Canelo doesn’t have the cleanest history either, I don’t think he used roids but at the end of the day was busted with them. U have to respect Danny’s performance, that man has so much heart. So many people expected him to just roll over and get waxed by Cinnamon, nah, he made him earn his win! That man is the true definition of a fighter, he didn’t let cancer beat him so of course Canelo wasn’t taking his belt without a fight

    • Dapper Israel says:

      elpepetorres22 Canelo was 20 lbs heavier than Floyd & still lost every round LOL!!!

      Don’t say he was inexperienced either…

    • noo pe says:

      +elpepetorres22 You conviently left out the fact that he lost in the first triple g fight and needed the judges to bail him out. Don’t forget he failed 2 drug test after wards. But you know only Daniel Jacob’s is the cheat?????????

    • Floyd Mayweather Jr says:

      +Jeffrey Escano Clen isn’t a steroid

  15. No exist says:

    Canelo got experience from GGG fights. That bullish moving forward has served him well

  16. Viking Plays says:

    I’m still waiting for ps4 boxing game ?

  17. UncleBen says:

    Damn jacobs paid canelo 1million for the weight advantage and still lost!

  18. Viva México y Todo El Mundo says:

    Remember Jacobs 3 inches taller 6’0 173llb and 13 pounds heavier big advantage?? Canelo is Canelo cabrones

    • Viva México y Todo El Mundo says:

      +solo_00 you are wrong.

    • solo_00 says:

      +Viva México y Todo El Mundo dude that was the last official weight, nobody knows what either fighter weighed on fight night but jacobs wasnt 13 pounds heavier…… 173 for jacobs and 169 for Canelo is just facts dude

    • noo pe says:

      And? Canelo always rehydrates as the bigger man in most of his fight. Why you leaving that out? Daniel did that shit with triple g and triple managed to actually knock him down. Daniel was actually picking up the pace in the later rounds. So nothing impressive with canelo

    • Victor Saucedo says:

      +Viva México y Todo El Mundo no seas mamon. Canelo is a God damn square. The real Mexican boxers are all gone…

    • Viva México y Todo El Mundo says:

      +solo_00 you are dumb listen again Canelo 160 Jacobs 173 how many pounds more more is Jacobs 13 pounds more!

  19. robby morton says:

    Dazn giving Long, Quick, & Entertaining Highlights like this is impressive!!!! #GodBless

  20. August Heart says:

    People always talk about the chin of Canelo & Triple G but what about Daniel Jacobs? He went 12 rounds with both these monsters ??‍♂️ his chin is so underrated

    • emeli anemone says:

      heck yes! didn’t even consider that, for whatever freakin’ reason. jacobs is still an amazing fighter, who i personally think won/deserved a draw… but that’s neither here nor there! haha.

      major props to jacobs to face both fearlessly.

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