Highlights Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona (0-1)

Highlights Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona (0-1)

A goal of Ivan Rakitic gave the victory at FC Barcelona against Real Madrid. LaLiga Santander 2018/2019

Suscríbete al canal oficial de LaLiga Santander en HD | 2019-03-02 00.00h | J26 | RMA | BAR
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88 Responses

  1. Achen Guy says:

    Madrid’s attack without Ronaldo is so bad

    • ruffryder818 says:

      ‪Hasn’t Real Madrid not got a win in like 8 games in a row now against Barca? ‬including Ronaldo on team.

    • Sit On My Face says:

      +Post Office Malone Lol typical Barça fangirls only brought up games where Real Madrid with Ronaldo lost. Not mentioning that Barça are one of the top teams Ronaldo has scored plenty of goals against and most of them were winning goals.

    • lord the master says:

      +Rob Curios point is dummy madrid always buys referees to win something specialy ucl! 5 ucl won by cheat and buying referees yh i guess money talks for THEM

    • Rob Curios says:

      +lord the master Serious accusations require serious evidence. Where’s your evidence? I guess you are talking out of your ass. Who’s the dummy now? (*Mary Shaw voice)

  2. James Peters says:

    You’re going to tell me that el Classico happened 4 times and Real Madrid won 0 and only scored 2 goals while Barcelona scored 10?

  3. Mosh Clips says:

    Like if Barcelonas gonna win the UCL

    • ahmed ohanok says:

      +Balli5tic_I4n lol.3-0 roma.please look at your team before you speak.”we are not going to make it”-are you lost.we are mate,we won ajax if you watch football.this match is probably the first match you ever saw.lol

    • Rar Ti-licious says:

      ​+Post Office Malone Pochettino managed Espanyol over 4 years ago. Which is a long time ago. He finished mid table with them I think, but they are always average each season anyway. Against Roma in the second leg Valverde played Sergi Roberto on the right in midfield, and he left Dembele on the bench, when Coutinho was cup tied & they didn’t even play well against Roma. He needed to attack and get an early away goal, the tie would have been over. As soon as Roma scored the second early in the second half, you tell Roma would get the third goal eventually, & he sat there making no changes, he waited for them to score the third, then he still waited for a couple mins to bring on Dembele. Pragmatic managers like him get found out in Europe, when you play against the best teams. In La Liga he can get by, by relying on Messi mainly. And he hasn’t played Malcolm since he played well against Real Madrid in the first leg of the cup, even tho Coutinho is stinking up the joint. So basically he’s saying no matter how shit Coutinho is playing, Malcom get any minutes, that’s not good management

    • Yahya Amani Hamedani says:

      Mosh Clips, Juventus will win

    • ahmed ohanok says:

      +Yahya Amani Hamedani lol.they are already out probably.they lost 2-0.do you even watch football mate?

    • Yahya Amani Hamedani says:

      ahmed ohanok, I watch football, and there is 2nd leg, so Juventus will do a comeback in Turin, remember Roma destroying Barça ? ? ?

  4. Henry Kojo Kojo says:

    We beat Real Madrid. Title hope is good for us!

  5. Hamza AFC says:

    Even after 4 losses against Barca in the same season, deluded Madrid fans are still going to argue

    • YungKilo says:

      Brian Zhang And Madrid fans (cough cough )like you are so delusional???Y’all think he’s the best but yet all he does is sit in the box waiting for his daddy Marcelo to feed him the ball?he’s good for cherry picking but not the best in the world❌

    • Brian Zhang says:

      YungKilo I don’t think he’s the best player in the world but he’s good at what he does which is scoring goals. If I was to create a team with purely that goal then I would want him because no matter how he does it, he scores the most goals every year for the last few years

    • BMW199495 says:

      Rar Ti-licious your an idiot new kid Barca fan we have more titles in every cup then your stupid team except the copa del Rey that’s the only one your team have more titles in idiot. It looks like your team sucks at winning champion or cups but only wins regular games with the help of the referee of course

    • Thanos says:

      Hamza AFC if we beat them 5-0 every match forever they will still whine and find excuses. Let them cry ?

    • Harley .wysss says:


  6. NietBekend says:

    1:07 you hear somebody screaming like whaaaa wtf

  7. Guilherme _GPlays says:

    Vinicius junior precisa muito treinar a finalização

  8. Raffaele Romitelli says:

    The best thing about this match is seeing Ramos’ disappointed face at the end of this video. Amazing feeling.

  9. hywel nelson says:

    This season hasn’t been good for Madrid at all

  10. Ardi Subakti says:


  11. The Next Big Thing says:

    In aggregate 10:2 To Barca against real madrid this season ?

  12. Luna Moon says:

    Trump should just hire Ter Stegen to be his wall

  13. Zachary says:

    Ramos is a thug and he better get suspended for punching Messi. Real falling apart quickly

  14. Aamir Razak says:

    Happy with the result as a Barcelona fan and I enjoyed seeing Ramos get mad what a dirty player

  15. Dev Yakthungba says:

    I am glad that snake ?’s team lost

  16. Alexander Pruger says:

    El Clasico is not the same without Ronaldo and Messi both on the field

    • Azariah Micha says:

      Alexander Pruger this one is the Best result for real madrid from the last four laliga elclasicos at bernabeu

    • Alexander Pruger says:

      Azariah Micha The result is the same – Barca won, but Real’s performance was better than in previous matches.

  17. Muhammad Hossain says:

    Ramos is disgrace of football. The most hated

    • ahmed ohanok says:

      thats why every real madrid fan loves him.he won every trophie you can imagine.unlike any player on the pitch.and be honest,you will certinately want to have him as you CB.

    • Muhammad Hossain says:

      Certainly I do want him, only if he plays with out black art. He is a great CB but most often his dark side more active than his proper CB side. Every football fan saw how he stopped mo Sala and how he used his hand to smack Messi’s face.

  18. Bashy Bounty says:

    Even if ElClassico happened 1million times, Barca is still going to kill Madrid like 999,999.5 times

    • ahmed ohanok says:

      forgot 5-1.when we won the cup.lol.deluded fans.we will win the UCL while you can only win la ligue.were champions of europe and you champions of spain.lol

    • FuK says:

      +ahmed ohanok obv madrid will win the UCL again, they just buy it again

    • ahmed ohanok says:

      +FuK thats why every barca fan says.they blame UEFA for real madrid deserving to win.if you look at the decisions,if you have a brain,you will see they are reasonable.

    • Suraj Khan says:

      +ahmed ohanok i dont watch football too much but chanpions of Spain means they are better then u cuz im sure real madrid play in spain lol. But i know wat u mean.

  19. Daily Scratch offs says:

    Ever since messi joined Barcelona. They been killing us for years

    • tigerarmyrule says:

      That’s a fact. Past 11 years. 22 Liga games. 14 wins for Barcelona. 4 for Madrid. Messi’s Barca own Madrid.

  20. Rusli Irawan says:

    To me real Madrid without Ronaldo is becoming Unreal Madrid.

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