Hilary Duff & Sutton Foster Play Giant Jenga

Hilary Duff & Sutton Foster Play Giant Jenga

“Hi I’m Hilary Duff, and you’re watching BuzzFeed Celeb!”

Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/22866


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20 Responses

  1. Addie Slays says:

    Guys every two minutes someone dies. one like gives all of them hope and love. be a great person😽😽

  2. Luk32 14 says:

    God Hilary Duff is hottttt

  3. Ashlyn Cox says:

    I LOVE SUTTON!! She is my role model for my acting and singing career. She is so very talented and extremely nice. I have a dream that I could meet her. Or maybe even perform on Broadway with her(yes, yes I know. I have big dreams. But that doesn’t mean I can’t reach them). I’ve been singing since I was 3 and acting since I was 6. I’ve Known about Sutton for a while now because of Shrek and Anything Goes. She (again) is extremely talented and I can’t wait how much farther she goes in her world of theater! Love you Sutton!

  4. TheRMartz12 says:

    1) Chill down with the music, let us enjoy what they’re actually saying, you make people feel rushed as if this were a travel vlog or something where you only need to look at different things for seconds
    2) The transition of the jenga falling to reveal every question is really annoying and it makes people lose interest
    3) You didn’t really let us see what was going on with each truth or dare, they barely said anything and you were already moving to the next one and so on and so forth.
    4) even they were annoyed

  5. Montse Degr says:

    The Jenga falling everytime they read the question or the dare is pissing me off πŸ˜…

  6. Stars Steven and Lars says:

    She might be one of the rarest types of Disney stars to not lose it! Plus she’s hillarious!

  7. popruns inmyveins says:

    wow Hilary is literally glowing. what a legend

  8. BNH 16 says:

    I wouldn’t use this “Jenga” format again…very awkward.

  9. Jon says:

    Even in Lizzie McGuire she was fine

  10. okay steph says:

    hillary duff is one thicc bih lemme see that hillussy πŸ˜€πŸ’―

  11. Jeffrey Pineda says:


  12. PhoenixBHO says:

    dem titties tho

  13. justin kongolo says:

    The editing is terrible

  14. VoltGe says:

    Hilary, more like T H I C C A R Y

  15. Jordan Kelly says:

    failing pile of garbage

  16. uncleblunts5 says:

    I hate Buzzfeed, but Hilary Duff is worth it.

  17. Rick Sanchez says:

    Hilary is such a MILF. Anyone seen her ass on that photo. I was like damn!!!

  18. NoΓ«l TreviΓ±o says:

    When Hilary said “No Music This Year” I died a little inside

  19. Victoria McKellar says:

    Everyone’s all about Hilary but ummm Queen Sutton Foster?!

  20. ever since new york says:

    Hillary Duff ages like a really pretty mom

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