Hillary Clinton Started To Cough Violently In Cleveland, Ohio

Hillary Clinton Started To Cough Violently In Cleveland, Ohio

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20 Responses

  1. flutiexxx says:

    That’s Satan reminding her where she’s going when her and Bill finally
    punch their tickets back to Hell.

  2. matt justie says:

    Hillary your not suppose to swallow the missing emails!

  3. Phillip Lovett says:

    Fur ball from huma

  4. drumbyte says:

    Tim Kane looks like he can’t wait to be president! LOL

  5. Will Christian says:

    just wait until this happens on the debate stage :)

  6. Nathan Shardelow says:

    No mater where i clicked on the video she was coughing. Well ladies and
    gentlemen we are still apparently dumbasses for thinking shes sick.

  7. Chill says:

    This is well deserved Karma for someone who has lied and Stolen so much
    from America!

  8. Styxhexenhammer666 says:

    My occult power has begun to seep into her soul and body and denigrate her
    vital flows. May her exterior and countenance reflect the wickedness and
    corruption within.

    I alone possess the power to break your leechcraft, vile wretch, be

    In the name of the old ones, your power is blocked, your spell is broken, I
    conjure and exhort you by the power of the necromantic dead, they will
    surround thee on all sides and reduce your body to a withering vegetable,
    may your words fail you and your appearance sink and become gaunt so that
    you may resemble your blackened heart.

    This I command, I will draw you like infection- Begone!

  9. Bit City (8bitmetropolis) says:

    0:48 Bitch even blames her cough on Trump, that’s just getting pathetic

  10. Faustus says:

    Hillary’s still regurgitating her lies.

  11. Tank Abott says:

    hope she coughs up her heart into that water glass ..Hillary you are a
    criminal not a Presidential Candidate

  12. theodore thompson says:

    i wish she’d debate Trump face to face so when she starts coughing he can
    say spit it out hillary…

  13. Tony Whittington says:

    first she said it was from too much talking. HAVEN’T SEEN NOR HERD FROM HER
    IN 3 OR 4 DAYS!!!!!!! Then she blames Trump…. Funny… Then she putts
    something in her mouth…. like a PILL???????? THEN She blames

  14. Jon cain (Jecain7) says:

    why does she insist on coughing right into the mic, and look at tim kaine
    behind her clapping like a simpleton

  15. raymond richter says:

    She is getting phlegm all over every thing. So much for the incompetent old
    bag being in good health.

  16. MrMotel99 says:

    Imagine what she looks like on a bad day??? I guess they thought she was
    doing well today???

  17. Bumble Bee says:

    I wonder if she will cough during the debate.

  18. Paul H. says:

    Psalm 31:18 ►

    Let their lying lips be silenced, for with pride and contempt they speak
    arrogantly against the righteous.

  19. Mark Dice says:

    #HackingHillary isn’t even healthy enough to bake cookies with her grand
    kids, so how is she going to be able to run our country?

  20. LaVell Weathersby says:

    My deepest sympathies to the mic… let’s give it a decent burial.