Hillary Clinton Talks With BlackLivesMatter | EXCLUSIVE | Part 1 | GOOD

Hillary Clinton Talks With BlackLivesMatter | EXCLUSIVE | Part 1 | GOOD

GOOD has obtained exclusive video of the exchange between the Democratic candidate and members of the Boston chapter of #BlackLivesMatter, watch as Clinton responds to several tough questions.

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20 Responses

  1. Jamie S says:

    Another marble mouth’d bro-man who thinks he’s educated.

  2. Manicks Channel says:

    ha! is Hilary the only one theyre not gonna shout down and end her public
    speeches? how convenient. what a FUCKING JOKE! why dont you scream at her
    and tel her she’s a bigot for saying Margaret Sanger is so great when
    Sanger refers to blacks as “human weeds” that need be controlled? huh!?
    like this video even said she supported mass incarceration and still oh
    look just a nice little chat your so fucking bullshit chumps!!!

  3. Jamie S says:

    As much as I despise Hillary Clinton, I actually feel sorry for her….
    This “movement” led by this marble mouth’d fool, an orange dread locked
    clown, and a fat girl who thinks a black t shirt with gold lettering
    matches hot pink is a complete joke. You need to tell us that “black lives
    matter” as if we don’t know that already? Listening to this monkey@ss using
    words he doesn’t know the meaning of was PAINFUL to watch. Don’t rob, rape,
    and murder fools… Stop slanging drugs, get a fucking job, and maybe
    consider attending a REAL college other than Howard U and you don’t have to
    worry about spending time in the slammer. Your black ass is in jail because
    you got caught doing some shit you shouldn’t have been doing.

  4. SMOOTHJAKED says:

    America is sick of these black people …. Hillary knows that.

  5. Gabe The Great says:

    You see how her paid “political shill” interrupts to say that she can only
    talk for a few minutes so that she won’t have to talk too much. “i’m not
    trying to take time from you, but…” and then continues to talk for about
    20 seconds. All politicians do this during interviews. Donald Trump is
    the ONLY one who doesn’t do that, he listens to and answers as many
    questions as people can ask. He answers straight, and doesn’t skirt around
    the issue, like hillary does when she answers this question.

  6. Paul Miller says:

    She is so full of it…just another politician

  7. Mary Viola says:

    what mistakes did hillary make? does the black community seen their
    mistakes in raisng children? there r no black fathers in the home that r
    married to the others who go to work and instill values….until everyone
    stops dodging the real truth , the more these debates will continue…..its
    not about more after schoo programs, more money, ect ect . fathers are
    needed….less children born into poverty…and a good work ethic is

  8. Mary Viola says:


  9. over under sideways down overundersidewaysdown (MO) says:

    This racist hate group is no better than the Klan.
    Fuck them ALL.

  10. spiritofshiloh says:

    I lost count on all Hillary’s uh huh,and head nodding.

  11. anthonyinphilly says:

    please correct me if am wrong, (i can barely understand every other
    sentence this man is uttering) but are the black lives matter people trying
    to say something along the lines of Hillary clinton is responsible for the
    over-population of black people in prison because the law she helped get
    sign that enforces penalties for crimes such as drug use or theft etc. ? if
    thats what they are saying its insanity !! if you never do the crime you
    never have to face the fines and penalties!!! wanna help stop black people
    from being imprisoned for crime? then help them stay away from criminal
    activity!!! this standard must be upheld by everyone regardless of race.
    stay away from drugs and illegal a activity and you’ll be just fine !!!!!

  12. Chris S says:

    WOW, and she let this dope go on and on with this BULLSHIT!!! Start
    behaving you idiots!! Get to work and raise your kids!!!

  13. Tex Dealer says:

    Funny when a black dude gets killed for his Jordans by one of his own Black
    Lives Matter is no where to be found.

  14. Joseph Turcotte says:


  15. Jordan Scruggs (jordan scruggs) says:

    +Jordan Scruggs i’m gonna light a cig and thank the indians home boy, how
    do you think they feel (i’m native american btw)

  16. Gary Doan says:

    Reality: the prison system is an expense, not a profit center, so throw out
    the “plantation” jargon. Face facts, look at crime on a racial basis, as
    well as the number incarcerated. Are they asking to loosen crime laws for
    one race? Isn’t that racism? Getting back to reality is essential. One,
    “Hands up” emanated from a lie told my one individual who recanted and was
    proven to be a liar. Two, crime rate statistics by race are being ignored
    by “activists” and the press. In reality most black murder is being
    committed by blacks (a minority), not non-blacks (the majority).

    It’s easier to pass blame, than to deal with reality.

  17. JAM ON IT says:


  18. occamselectricrazor says:

    Makes you wonder how the majority of blacks in America are self-reliant,
    productive members of society

  19. Pa Rodriguez says:

    looks like this crap is host

  20. whatisiswhatable says:

    Hillary sounding like someone giving a presentation where they put off all
    their work until the hour right before it