Hillary Supporters Like Trump’s Tax Plan

Hillary Supporters Like Trump’s Tax Plan

Donald Trump recently came out with his proposal for a new tax plan. Every politician comes out with his own plans and proposals, but Jimmy wondered if voters pay any attention to the specifics. So we went out on the street and found people who claimed to support Hillary Clinton and asked those people about her tax plan. What they didn’t know is that the tax plan we presented them with was not Hillary Clinton’s. It was Donald Trump’s.

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Hillary Supporters Like Trump’s Tax Plan

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20 Responses

  1. Dolphin says:

    These people have no idea what the interviewer is even saying.

    “Uhh…. Yeah… I support that.”

    It’s pathetic, come on people. At least get some basic knowledge on these
    subjects. These policies are going to be affecting you personally, the good
    and the bad, why wouldn’t you want to know about them? Stop blindly voting
    for someone because of stupid reasons like physical appearances.

    “The only thing I really know about this person is they are a woman/ this
    person is black/hispanic/asian and it’s time we have someone other than a
    white guy as president.”

    By that reasoning you might as well vote for lil’ wayne or miley cyrus for
    all the good you would be doing.

    If you go into a voting booth and that’s all you know about the candidates,
    just don’t bother voting at all, you’re not helping anyone or even
    yourself. In fact, you could very well be hurting yourself and the position
    you’re in. It’s not a game, don’t be a sheep.

  2. berdooflyer says:

    Well, after all, liberals have never been known for being intelligent or
    making any sense.

  3. Joey G says:

    Support someone who is solely running for change… Lawrence Lessig 2016.

  4. TM56 says:

    To be fair Trump only unveiled his tax plan within the last 2 days. That’s
    not a long time for many across the country to be aware and process.

  5. Tinuviel 19715 says:

    If the reporter had interviewed Bernie Sanders supporters he would have
    gotten the same response.

  6. daver787 says:

    Bernie’s the one with a real plan…for more than just taxes. GO BERNIE!!

  7. patrick star says:

    theres so many stupid people in this world

  8. Kozak Ivan says:

    Liberals are a bunch of sheep that can be manipulated and driven by mass

  9. Melissa Zavala says:


  10. jdw99 says:

    2:49 – Obese Spider-man made me laugh more than the rest of the video!

  11. trollbot222 says:

    Isn’t it time for an “x” president is no reason to vote for anyone. At
    least the one guy that supported the policies used logic and changed his
    mind. But just as JBlizzyFan said…we are so doomed.

  12. SanFranciscoLiberal says:

    i can’t wait for sanders to crush these right wing corporatists. times are
    changing folks, laissez faire has been proven to be a massive failure and
    socialism is coming.

  13. Uriel Artino says:

    Bernie 2016

  14. eduardo bonilla says:

    i dont vote….the system is flawed imo and i cant make heads or tails of
    any candidate.

  15. Zack Frailey says:

    # feelthebern

  16. Jeb Jeb says:

    You free people must remember that which our forefathers, slaves, had
    endured- a lifetime of misery and no footjobs!!! I wouldn’t last as a slave
    not even for a day, because my dick has a built in foot sweat detector,
    whereby if it didn’t get a taste of some sexy girl’s feet within 24 hours I
    would DIE!!!

  17. Gerard Dixon says:


  18. Vuhdo GFX says:

    At least most of them had a sense of humor about it

  19. Nordic Storm says:

    Voting is a privilege, not a right. The idea that everyone with a pulse
    should get to vote is a perverse idea that is only 100 years old. Bring
    back voting tests.

  20. Elijah Jones says:

    @Nordic Storm I don’t think you can legally do that