Historic Floods Hit Houston as Hundreds Rescued from Water | NBC Nightly News

Historic Floods Hit Houston as Hundreds Rescued from Water | NBC Nightly News

Officials reported answering thousands of calls from people trapped in Houston on Sunday as torrential rain from deadly Hurricane Harvey caused “catastrophic flooding” in the city and across southeast Texas.

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20 Responses

  1. James Paul says:

    Houstonians are a strong people they will get through this

  2. Maura Kirwan says:

    My thoughts and prayers 🙏 are with all the people in Houston Texas ! ! Watching from Ireland 🇮🇪

  3. MILLIE BUCKS says:

    prays go out to Houston ! God be with them !

  4. Dewey Warren says:

    I’m in Houston it is very bad

  5. Cooey says:

    yo how do i tame a horse in minecraft

  6. akabaker80 says:

    I have two empty bedrooms and a MASSIVE amount of canned food. Send a family my way…

  7. Madison Doan says:

    I live in Houston Texas and the whole first floor flooded and we lost everything….

  8. contactpq says:

    These kind of disasters always show that when lives are on the line .. Race doesn’t matter .. Should be this way all the time

  9. GoddessLinda1 says:

    prayers for Texas humans and animals …. balance the waters …. enough food, clean water, first aid …. comfort and entertainment ….

  10. Doug Dobbs says:

    “Houston, we are a problem.” 🙁

  11. Jeremy Deville says:

    Houston has flooded. Please send emergency tacos.

  12. Snowypancake · says:

    I’m so glad It hasn’t touched my house yet, the water reached to my knees last night.

  13. Brock Stapleton says:

    God, it’s like Katrina all over again

  14. MADDI Bolton says:

    Oh I can only wonder how many people lost there loved pet and how many animals had there lifes taken😢 I am a animal lover and I know how it feels to have a loved pet go😢 RIP Alley, Oreo, Cookiay (Oh so young) Duchess and Smokey I hope you found a home😢 RIP loved pets and wild animals may you find your way to The Rainbow Bridge ♡

  15. A vessel of honor says:

    Praying for Houston Texas. GOD BE WITH THEM.

  16. CBas _ says:

    Bruh its all the Mexicans rescuing all the white people

  17. zacatetas says:

    2:30 ” I didnt think it was that deep”

  18. Joseph J Johnson says:

    Mayor Sylvester Turner, can you say:
    “I’m gonna need a new job.”

  19. ItsSpiritWolf says:

    I’m in Houston and to be honest, things are not looking pretty.

  20. Sara Gelani says:

    Prayers for Texas..🙏🙏🙏

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