HOLDEN – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

HOLDEN – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

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This is the story of the first Australian car company. From humble beginnings making saddles horses, to unleashing some of the baddest machines the Land Down Under has ever seen! From the 48-215, to the Monaro, Commodore, Torana, Maloo and beyond. This is the history of Holden!

Hosted by James Pumphrey
Edited by Alex Rodriguez
Animation by Raghav Arumugam
Written by Nolan Sykes
Directed by Colby Mann

Thumbnail photo:
Vorka Imagery | Dean A.

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54 Responses

  1. Donut Media says:

    Alright you Aussies, which Holden is your favorite? Yanks, which Holden do you wish came to the US?

  2. Aussie RC Playground says:

    That was 17:46 minutes of awesomeness. Even though I’m more of a Ford guy, I really enjoyed this. Very well done. ??????

  3. Random Player22 says:

    This video should have been upside down.

  4. sp4nrs says:

    Ooooooh you’re gonna get crucified for spelling Walkinshaw wrong!

  5. Ben Kuyt says:

    Holden is my favourite dead car builder. So many good cars, and I’m glad we got the ability to see some come across the Pacific to North America. The G8 and SS are my favourite sedans, The Monaro/GTO is amazing, and I love their mentality of put more horsies in the hood. We’ll miss you Holden. Glad Forza introduced you to me.

  6. Ducky datduckbro says:

    okay now you guys have to do up to speed on the ford falcon

  7. CHEQUERED F1AG says:

    My aunt worked for Holdens till it’s last day she started 1990 … she was the one who was trusted and in charge to sign off the final car in Australia…

  8. Rodney McGiveron says:

    very fun to watch…great vid and compilation and mostly correct too . Walkinshaw not Wilkinshaw though….Wish you knew about Ford Australia too…. The Falcon especially ..Ran continuously for 56 years.. 1960-2016..And the mighty 351 Cleveland V8 , 302 V8 , 289 V8 , Boss V8 , Miami s/c V8 , some great inline 6’s and the magnificent BARRA turbo six …That’ll blow your mind ..1000 plus horses using the stock block and the stock engine 5-600 hp without too many mods ..Look up Barra engine for yourself..Should have gone back to the USA..

  9. Brae Lee says:

    Can we get an F for aussie built holdens 🙁

  10. Max Vallorani says:

    Just wanna day that my dad was crazy bc he had a hq Monaro with a 454 motor bored and stroked to 493 and full built motor and had like 700hp and 800ftp of torque ON STOCK TIRES AND SUSPENSION

  11. Aspen Lievert says:

    Can you do the Ford Falcon aswell PLEASE

  12. Aaron Thompson says:

    Thumbs up for an up to speed on Lotus? Who’s with me!?!?

  13. Campbell McKenzie says:

    I can confirm to be one of those conceived in the back of an HQ Sandman xD

    Holden should never have died the way it did, it was so tragic, the last time the factory doors closed for the last time, it sent a shockwave across the country, shattering the land in tears.

    Holden was and always will be, the Zeus of car manufacturers below the equator.

    • Ben Wickham says:

      The Government refused to keep subsidising the local car manufacturers, so they left. It worked out okay, though – the Government’s now subsidising defence manufacturers to build stuff instead!

  14. Colin Middleton says:

    Dude, the first Bathurst race was 500 Miles (804 kms) . It later changed to 1000 KMs in 1973 when Australia went metric.

  15. Zecrid says:

    Up to speed Ford falcon?
    US and Australian?

  16. Hannes Größlinger says:

    Next: Up to speed on Tom Walkinshaw Racing

    You know, the guys you just called Wilkinshaw, as if you had never even heard of them?
    The guys that formed one of the most successful racing teams of all times and built some of the most successful race cars of all time?
    Winners of various touring car and sportscar championships, Le Mans, Daytona, Bathurst, the Dakar Rallye,…
    Developers of the Aston Martin DB7, the Jaguar XJ220S, the absolutely bonkers Renault Clio V6,…

    There’s really a lot of awsome stuff to talk about. Please make an episode about TWR!

  17. Ric James says:

    Missed LC LJ Tirana Xu1, Commonwhore VB-VL HDT VN SS GroupA, first GTS, Senators etc. Plus the Corsa Super Cars and LS7 and Walky supercharged cars.

  18. Chrystian Almeida Dos Santos says:

    the MANARO is a Chevrolet OPALA in BRAZIL, so beautiful <3

  19. ayrproductions says:

    Noticed a few mistakes. It was Tom WALKINSHAW Racing, not Tom Wilkenshaw. Tom Walkinshaw Racing owned Arrows Formula One team for a number of years, and won Le Mans with factory backed Jaguars.

    Also, the Group C A9X had 400bhp. The horsepower figure you stated was for the road version.

  20. demomax94 says:

    And now we’ve moved on to making something cooler!
    Now we get the Brabham BT62!!!!!

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