Holly Holm — Stop Trashing Ronda Rousey … She’s a Legend

Holly Holm — Stop Trashing Ronda Rousey … She’s a Legend

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20 Responses

  1. kappa says:

    sorry but ronda deserved that!if u are the champ and u dont respect…yea u
    deserve that.sorry but ronda did not respect her opponents.sorry ronda i
    like u but when u dont respect…yea u deserve it.u have won sooo many
    fights and u are the champ and u dont give respect to other fighters…then
    yea…u deserve it…sorry.ronda rousey was the champ for so long u think
    she would know how to give respect to other fighters …but yea…sorry but
    she didnt.she got what she deserved BECAUSE she did not show the proper
    respect .i really LIKE sonda shes hot etc but if u can show the respect to
    a fellow athlete then sorry but i think u deserved that.people all over the
    internet are mocking ronda just BECAUSE she couldnt show that rescpet to
    her opponent.and u know what????i believe u deserve that!!!!!!!!!!!because
    if u cant show respect???how can u expect not to deserve that???peace

  2. Rod7355 says:

    Just go show how Holly’s character is and how Rhonda’s character is because
    Rhonda cant even come to grips and to congratulate Holly on her win..
    Instead she just shows your disrespectful actions like she always does
    Great job Holly

  3. sssssss6361 says:

    Holly Holm has class. It is something nobody can say about Ronda

  4. Sugar Kaine Mostly says:

    Holly Holm. The only ATHLETE to be a Champion in both Boxing and MMA.
    that’s crazy skill right derrr

  5. Buck Ballas says:

    That’s what you call a REAL CHAMPION :)

  6. Jeff Peake says:

    Dude looks like a mix of Weidman and Cruz.

  7. Orome says:

    Holly Holm just took WMMA to a new level. Dana might not like it, but I
    think it’s great for the sport.

  8. moniker127 says:

    Holly Holm is on roids. It will come out later, believe me.

  9. fatel702LVC says:

    I fucken love this girl

  10. Ali Hammad Shah says:

    I don’t care about mma, I just saw joe rogan’s face on reddit and thought
    this is something big. Holly holm totally outclassed ronda rousey in
    technique and manners.

  11. Franz Ferdinand says:

    Since Trump doesn’t like Ronda I don’t like her either

  12. Stephanus de Goede says:

    Rousey just lost the fight AND the moral high ground…

  13. Clan Cannabis says:

    Next time Ronda better come correct, with respect.

  14. Spy Cat says:

    Shut the fuck up TMZ!!

  15. Beto Vazquez says:

    Ronda , just keep making movies, that’s were you’re good.

  16. Spy Cat says:

    If Ronda would of kept her fat mouth shut! And had some mature class, she
    wouldn’t be getting so much hate! She did this to herself!

  17. Avs minhas says:

    Bruh she just said not to make fun of Ronda but the comment section is
    roasting her like a marshmallow lol???

  18. El-EME WUNZ says:

    Ronda Gon ..Come back as long as she concentrates on being a better boxer.

  19. Allan Alberts says:

    Awesome fight and humble champ. gg. But well rhonda is underdog now so will
    be cheering for her in their next fight.

  20. the Kaizer says:

    well said, she really deserves the win.???