Honest Trailers – The Social Network

Honest Trailers – The Social Network

We poke fun at the Facebook movie that somehow made boring litigation between young entitled millionaires look interesting – The Social Network!

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Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey: http://youtube.com/jon3pnt0
Title design by Robert Holtby
Series Created by Andy Signore – http://twitter.com/andysignore & Brett Weiner
Written by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell & Andy Signore
Edited by Kevin Williamsen and TJ Nordaker

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20 Responses

  1. Francis Cat says:

    where’s the la la land trailer?

  2. RIKY FOX says:

    And La La Land Honest Trailer?

  3. Gabe Lee says:

    I think that it would have been better if Jesse Eisenberg had played a character similar to his character from The Social Network in the Batman vs. Superman movie. Even though it would not have exactly captured Lex Luthor, it would have been better than the angle they went with.

  4. Batul Hashim says:

    You guys should do the mummy.. Since the Tom Cruise version is coming soon

  5. Aashish Khakha says:

    All the laptops who gave their lives… LMFAO!!!!!! 😀

  6. AndersonPEM says:

    (edited) “The only brazilian who doesn’t know how to party” hehehe
    Hey I’m brazilian and I also don’t know how to party haha

  7. Senpai Hentai says:


  8. jackygomes says:

    Not all Brazilians like to party.
    I’m comfortable with just watching Netflix on my bed.
    I’m that boring.

  9. Mr_Deluxe_Edish says:

    Do live action Scooby Doo!

  10. joanna Kreke says:

    “Monty Python’s the Holy Grail” and “Monty Python’s Life of Brian”

  11. Carlos Murillo says:

    “He’s a dick who knows DOS” is going on your “Starring…” Hall of Fame, that was INCREDIBLE.

  12. MrFedoraFilm says:

    Please do an Honest Trailer for The Mummy (1999)

  13. David Wyatt says:

    Social Network 2: Twitter
    Social Network 3: Snapchat

  14. carthagefan carthagefan says:

    V For Vendetta

  15. Pampos Pampou says:

    1 minute of silence for all the laptops that gave their lives for this movie .

  16. EliteRetribution says:

    Pulp Ficton!! I’ll get you a free big kahuna if u do!

  17. Old Man Jenkins says:

    Do Sausage Party

  18. JoyStar says:

    I want to see an Honest Trailer for The Hunchback of Notre Dame!

  19. StuckInBliss says:

    Do Hacksaw Ridge. Seeing Spiderman reminded me of Spiderman being Spiderman in Spiderman

  20. Captain Marvelous says:

    “Yo Danny Phantom he was just 14 when his parents built a VERY strange machine.” You assholes. Get it right

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