The true story of hood naruto! watch him rise and realize the true meaning of being a ninja. this world is about to get a lot bigger !

Comment Below your favorite quote from the movie.

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36 Responses

  1. Matthew Mims says:

    Vader is honestly one of the most talented creators of our time ???

  2. X says:

    “Returned How? What Jutsu? Dragon Balls? Monster reborn?”

  3. M-ENERRRGY says:

    Watching a video till 24th minute…
    Brain : OMFG, finally hood without dance’s?
    King Vader : Am i joke to you?

  4. This Guy says:

    Rule #1. You don’t get breaks at gas stations. Lol

  5. Michael Vue says:

    “You have three days to bend or you’ll break.”


  6. The Spartans says:

    In 1:20 I was waiting for mark from rdcworld1 to appear with that saitama smile for some reason ?

  7. Darius Mattison says:

    When killer bee started talking normal all of a sudden, that took me out ??. But hands down, Kakashi was the best character in the video. “What episode?!?!” ??

  8. Manfred Zwick says:

    Kakashi got the kicks from the future in the flashback. Thats how good of a copycat he is.

  9. Phantom_ Gaming says:

    How he still have the same shoes five years ago 16:55

  10. Sknyc says:

    I know Sasuke one to be mad at someone for going missing. Ight

  11. The Littlest Walker says:

    6:01 No hate, but I know y’all could have got a better Obito mask from Amazon or something?

  12. Specialfx 72 says:

    Can we just talk about how one punch man just walked in ???

  13. Alvin Gusting says:

    This guy deserve to be in YouTube rewind 2019

  14. ASquaredOfficial says:

    To pay my respects, I had to watch all the ads

  15. Blue Winter Ninja says:

    9:30 kakashi: the ninja world needs you naruto.

    naruto: i dont see how thats my problem

  16. Sky Cepton says:

    Kakashi was still the best. The mans look fly as hell

  17. Treasuree says:

    That moment when a YouTuber makes a better Live action movie than a Million dollar budget studio

  18. VCPro says:

    “But Kakashi…. I just got these”
    “Yeah…So did I!”??

  19. smstaudt says:

    Great stuff, the costuming was especially top. Bee and Gaara were dead on.
    More seriously though…
    The Dog and Hood Kakashi Movie when??

  20. Samuel Olaosegbe says:

    who Kakashi the copy cat ninja beat madara when, what episode, show me

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