Horchata – Mexican-Style Rice & Almond Drink – How to Make Horchata Agua Fresca

Horchata – Mexican-Style Rice & Almond Drink – How to Make Horchata Agua Fresca

Learn how to make Horchata! Visit http://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2017/08/horchata-no-tigers-were-harmed-in.html for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this easy Mexican-Style Rice & Almond Drink recipe!

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20 Responses

  1. Taylor Forget says:

    Did you know it’s world plant milk day?! Perfect timing!

  2. apburner1 says:

    We call that stuff whorechowder in my house.

  3. Redtrooper says:

    I’ve never tried horchata in my life. Can’t wait to make this!

  4. GiantRobotUppercut says:

    “A little touch of sugar” followed by a diabetic cascade. Never change, Chef John.

  5. Abdullah Shaief says:

    Stop saying “that’s right ” every beginning of a video

  6. Suzanne Baruch says:

    “Versus the Spanish version, which apparently uses Tiger nuts — which to me sounds really dangerous.” ?????

  7. Jonas Lundholm says:

    So Chef John, I hear you are going to make a video with Binging with Babish!

  8. vriosx says:

    I can’t believe there’s people who have never had this drink ?

  9. vidssurfer says:

    WRONG WRONG WRONG Chef john I have always believed in you since the age of 9 but now at 21, the student becomes the master (of horchata, continue teaching me in all other respects please) but the good kind has condensed milk and evaporated milk

  10. Dalleth Breña Luna says:

    Chef, mexican here! You can also soak the rice and almonds in hot water overnight. It will work better and blend even easier. Results are breathtaking.

  11. Jay Thompson says:

    how about making those spicy pickled carrots?

  12. OFF! says:

    No Vampire Weekend references?

  13. darkest1evil1 says:

    Chef John do you activate the almonds beforehand?

  14. Mirna Flores says:

    this version of Horchata makes me sad lol yes I’m mexican and you’re missing a couple of ingredients to truly have that amazing authentic taste

  15. youtube youtube says:

    Your Ice cubes look weird Man

  16. Xperia347 says:

    Unfortunately I’m allergic to raw almonds, so could I boil this for a few minutes or would it change it?

  17. Kevan Smith says:

    Wow. So easy! i don’t know why I thought this was made some more complicated way. Thanks!

  18. erinn kemp says:

    Did you wash your rice first ?

  19. Chef Rafi's Awesome World says:

    Who here makes horchata with Morro or chufa? I love ❤️ the Spanish/Portuguese version!

  20. ginsengaddict says:

    So, for the lazy among us: carton of rice milk, carton of almond milk, sugar, cinnamon extract. Cool.

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